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The COVID-19 epidemic has affected almost all areas of a person’s health, including oral health.

How can you reduce the risk of a medical emergency and ensure your dental health is at its maximum?

Dr. Richard Marquez Express.Q.C. Talked with, to discuss this concern and to provide your top tips for minimizing the risk of dental health emergencies.

“The Kovid 1 p epidemic has had a long-lasting effect on delays in dental care. The clinic has been closed for various periods during the initial shutdown, however, outside of the epidemic, dentists need significant investment to reduce the waiting list. Dramatically,” said Dr. Marquez said. Normal Dental health will be affected if it is not a priority. “

He added, “Gum problems need to be treated before they develop. Bleeding and swollen gums can eventually lead to flaking of teeth and gums. Last but not least is the diagnosis of oral cancer that can start as an ulcer and develop from there. This is the case. . ”Very rare… In short – regular dental visits are necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums, which can also affect overall health.

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Dr. Marquez lists examples of more serious issues that can lead to dental health emergencies, including:

Bleeding gums.

Severe tooth sensitivity or toothache causes constant pain.

The swelling of the cheeks / gums and general severe pain from inflammation or possible infection.

For in-house counseling to help reduce medical emergencies, Marquez offers top tips:

If your teeth are pulled out, keep them in a cup of milk until treated (milk helps maintain an acid-base ratio, which means teeth don’t swell).

Take paracetamol (or ibuprofen if safe) to help reduce immediate pain.

Apply an ice pack (or a pack of frozen vegetables) to the swollen area.

Dissolve the salt in hot water and swirl it around the mouth for around0 seconds, to help remove bacteria and get rid of the infection.

The Apply a small amount of clove oil to the affected area to help reduce the pain.

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