Hans vs. Tiger talking points

We look at some of the points that have been made since the Swan-related 45-point win at the MCG against the Richmond Tigers on Saturday afternoon.

1: Tigers midfield declared
In an upset this season, Wanted Richmond midfield lost well and somewhat unbeaten Sydney midfield. Commentators and pundits simultaneously announced the end of the “bull” midfielder – a player like Josh Kennedy, it was Kennedy who broke away from Tiger’s on-ball brigade. His cle clearance and game-high center clearance set the tone for the Hans, but it was the rising star calamity mills that made the biggest impact, ending the game with high high clearance – eliminating them from the center.

With excellent performances by Oliver Florent and fifth-seeded Chad Warner, the Richmond coaches were dumbfounded and had no answers. The magnet was thrown into the air – Martin played for-forward for more than a quarter, captain Trent Cochin was moved to the back flare, Shy Bolton was moved to full-forward and there was no effect, Daniel Rioli, Prestia (hamstring) had virtually no effect for Dion. .

That said, Sydney had the top 6 disposal players on the field, with 47 47 more disposals, 1 inside more than 0 and more 55 more points ending the game.

2: Hans Breakdown Tigers Zoning Defense
Carlton got off to a great start in the Round 1 game against the Tigers, scoring a boot in the first six to level the middle at 300 in the first quarter. The Tigers split with quick, direct force movement and accurate field kicking. This was the only blueprint given by the Tigers, ignoring the trap of the chips behind the goose.

David King, in his assessment of this week’s pre-match show and first crack podcast, described it as a “Richmonds gambit” in which he gives you out players, but sets the ball back, forcing a long kick.

Sydney doesn’t fall into that trap, nor do they always take the gambit. Early in the game, Richmond won the ball back from a long kick, but once Sydney regained control in the second and third quarters, it was an accurate, short kick through the line drawn by the Tigers.

Richmond did not have the answer to Sydney’s ball movement, which was fast, accurate, and deliberately entered the square as a result of which the score reached 10 out of 500 points before 15.

:: Dust no effect, Hewitt man with a plan
Going into the game, one of the great midfielders of our generation was focused on stopping Dustin Martin. Hawthorne approaches a team and Sean Burgoyne catches him, but Martin was out one day and could end up with goals. Hans also went with a similar game plan, sticking to the team approach in the competition, and Hewitt clung to him like a fist when he turned around.

It was expected that Martin’s front line was at Hewitt, but in their handful of forward0 contests, Hewitt stopped Martin from marking, and significantly did not give any free kicks. This was Sydney’s absolute dominance in midfield competitions, with Martin cutting off a dismembered man halfway through and moving his shoulder and shaking his hand as he slowly broke away from the competition.

:: Swan impurity kept tigers in prey
In the third quarter, 57-of-a-half led slowly, and 45-points ran out the final winner, but Hans wasted countless chances in the first quarter and deserved more than his – points. The post-match hit – 5 times the Swans lost golden opportunities to extend the lead to Blackie, Golden and Paple.

Blake will face his lost chance which would surely be the goal of the round, and a candidate for the goal of the season.


:: Hans flew past 100 for the third straight week
Hans scored a number of points in the Tigers on Saturday to become the only team to lose in the MCG in a one-day game in their Premiership race, whose last defeat came in the 1ound, 201 round of 2017 – the Swans too. Sydney scored 100 points for the third time this season – for the first time in years Tiger conceded more than 100 points in three quarters. The last time Hansley scored 100+ goals in consecutive matches was in the 2017-2017 round.

The Swans still have a high average of 121 points this season and have effectively led their opponents by at least 500 points per game.

:: The swans destroyed the tiger in turnover
Both teams came into the game with a score of two and a score of two from turnover, but it was they who implemented Bloch quickly and applied it throughout the game. The Tigers were accustomed to playing their pressure-style football, with the Swans attacking the Swans in half.3 (227) to 2.2 (1) out of the defensive chain in the first half alone (cc (2)) – Richmond’s ball. Scores from the Uncensored Asset – Turnover, moreover, Hans scored an exceptional 7..8 () 0) to 1. ((11) scored – their score is a half-time score.

Slow pressure in the game eased when both teams lost their footing, with Swann defeating Tiger 1 13.10 () 88) to 10.10 (2). The Swans are the number one team in the AFL to score from turnover, averaging 0 points per game from those sources.

Playing first in the score from turnover, defensive chains, forward half pressure, and kick-outs, the Swans did more than enough to maintain their armor.

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