Hamas leaders say he wanted to die in an airstrike rather than Kovid 1.

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said it was better to die as a martyr in a targeted strike in Israel than to commit suicide in Kovid 1 to Gaza, after health officials warned of a “ticked bomb” that prevented testing and vaccinations.

On Wednesday, Sinawar delivered his first speech during the 11-day conflict between Hamas and Israel, in which more than 2,250 people – mainly Palestinians – were killed.

“The greatest gift Israel can give me is to kill me.” He Said. “I would rather die from an F-16 than die from a coronavirus,” he said [another] Disease

The home of the militant chief was targeted by the IDF during the conflict, but Sinwar did not manage to cause any damage, allegedly hiding in the underground network of Surunel under Gaza.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz Promise On Saturday, Israel will finally succeed in removing it “All Hamas leaders are responsible for firing and launching terror against civilians.” In response, Hamas warned that hostilities would resume if Sinwar or the group’s leader, Mohammed Daif, were attacked by Israel.

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“Does it look like an organization that wants peace?” The IDF posted a video of the Hamas leader with an armed child

Last week’s ceasefire agreement, at least temporarily, after the conflict ended, puts the people of Gaza at increased risk of cowardice. According to UNICEF ReportAt least 722,000 Palestinians have been internally displaced by Israeli strikes that have destroyed many multi-story buildings.

The crowded shelter where these people are housed now provides the perfect environment for the spread of the infection, as aid workers fear that a third wave of coronavirus is about to reach the enclave.

At least Two dozen medical facilitiesIncluding, Al Rimal Clinic Where the Covid 1h shots were being administered, damaged or otherwise affected by the Israeli bombing. It has already limited the secondary capacity of the health system in Gaza, which has suffered not only coronavirus patients but also nearly 2,000 injured in the strike.

It is impossible to establish an actual measure of the epidemic in Gaza at this time. Covid-1 testing trials and vaccines, which were discontinued during the conflict, have yet to regain momentum. As of last week, at least 1,000 coyotes have been reported dead in Gaza, with less than 200,000 people vaccinated in the enclave.

“It’s like a tick bomb because people don’t get tested, and those who are infected don’t know it’s infected,” he said. Gaza Health Ministry’s head of preventive medicine, Dr. Majdi Dhair said.

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Health officials say Gaza coronavirus tests and vaccines have been blocked after the main laboratory was damaged in the Israeli strike.

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