Google Cloud expands partnerships with Shopify, creating merger integration with Square

Google Cloud continued to build its partner ecosystem with e-commerce platform Record, announcing an expanded partnership with Shippif and a new integration with Square for vendor search.

Companies, such as Shopify and Google Announced on Google I / O That they are working together on an integration that enables Shopifa merchants to feature their products on Google Search, Maps, Images, Lens and YouTube. The integration aims to help make merchants more searchable among high-end consumers in the Google Shopping ecosystem.

Building on that integration, Shippa said it uses more of Google Cloud’s technology in a wide range of areas of effort to provide more merchants access to Google’s cloud infrastructure. More specifically, Shipify takes advantage of Google Cloud to bring merchants closer to more areas of data processing and storage, which it says improves storage speed and performance while reducing latency and giving shoppers a more personalized experience.

Additionally, Shipify will join Google Cloud’s Partner Advantage program, establishing the two companies as partners in a joint Go-to-Market initiative.

During the COVID-1 p epidemic, Shipfil said its merchants earned about १२ 120 billion in gross trade value (GMV). From Q1 2020 to Q2 2020, Shipify reported a 1% increase in the number of new stores created on the platform. Meanwhile, Shipify’s fiscal 2020 revenue grew 86% in one year, and recently its peak site traffic grew 20% month-on-month.

“We know that since the COVID-1P epidemic, 84% of consumers have shopped online,” said Farhan Thawar, vice president of engineering at Shopif. “Improved store speeds and performance give our merchants a competitive edge by allowing them to better serve customers wherever they are, and it does so in the most energy efficient way possible through Google Cloud.”

In another partnership announced Thursday, Square said the new integration with the Google Merchant Center will help sellers add their inventory to the Google Shopping ecosystem on its platform. Integration, Shopify and the revision announced by Google last week will allow Square vendors to appear directly on product listings on Google Search, Maps, Images, Lens and YouTube.

“Platforms like Google’s Square have a natural synergy as we both work to support an open commerce ecosystem and empower retailers of all sizes,” said Bill Reddy, president of Google’s Commerce, Payments and NBU. “Our new integration will help retailers find more people on Square Google for free, and ultimately give consumers more choice in their shopping journey.”

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