Fresh Face NQ Team List Title

Former Ascendant listed player Jack Long; Michael Lang, the son of bomber legend and Norm Smith medalist, is headlining the North Queensland (NQ) team list announced by AFL Queensland.

The team will compete in the Queensland representative clash against South Queensland (SQ) on June Toyota AFL Round 1 St. Kilda vs. Adelaide Crow match as a front runner.

This will stop the stars for a few days for La Long, who was named Best on the Ground in last Friday night’s AFL Cairns All Stars game.

He has joined the NQ Navy with former Ludwig Morgan, a former Northern Blues VFL player, playing his first season at Cairns and is highly acclaimed.

Community football manager Queensland, Barry Gibson, said it was a new look NQ side that he believed would add some more excitement to the game.

“There are a lot of new faces on the NQ team this year, with coach Aaron Davy looking forward to taking a side that could play the broken brand in the open field of Kazi Stadium,” he said.

“There are some quality names in their group, with countless players boasting AFL, VFL and NEFAL experience.”

The SQ squad list was announced last week, with the Southerners taking a hunt to make it five to one.

But after four defeats in the last four encounters, Gibson is confident that NQ has mobilized talent and the team to provide every opportunity to change the winning tables in the seventh round of the Queensland Representative Struggle.

“With both teams now releasing their preliminary squads, there is a strong feeling that this year’s game could be the closest since the first game in 2014, when a single goal missed two fighters,” he said.

The stage seems set for an exciting competition. The kick-off will be at 20:20 at Kazale Stadium, Cairns.

Previous results

201 :: NQ 1.10 () 88) Def SQ 12.10 () 2)

201 :: NQ 1.1.16 (100) Def SQ.1.11 () 65)

201 2016: SQ 12. (() 0) Def NQ. 1.11 () 1)

2017 2017: SQ 1.1.14 () 2) Def NQ 8 .8 () 2)

201 :: SQ 7.7 () 55) Def NQ .6. (() 2)

201 :: SQ 10.20 () 0) Def NQ 8.8 () 2)

(No game in 2020 due to COVID-19)

NQ Squad List:


City lions
Jack Long
Nick Johnson
Brandon Desslands
Shane Conley
Robbie Turnbull
Josh Rolfe
Dwarf flint

Timakoi Bowie
Oliver Ritchie
Jacob Joboril
Jack Stracker
Watmuff data

Port Douglas
Josh Mausen
Daniel Davidson
Josh Paat
Liam Brand

Central Bulldogs
Luke Morgan
Nick Thacker
Jack Taylor
Mark Horn

Manunda Hawks
Elijah stuff
Ezekiel Frank
Duncan sedan
Josh Bile
Joel Seden

South Carons
Jermaine Wardle
Lachie Rhook
Jake Johansen

North Carons
Anthony Stuart
Alex Saunders


Joel Newman
Benjamin Eddy

You automatically
Tom Kelly

Callaway Parker

Northern beaches
Shannon Gall


Mackay maps
Julian Jacobs
Jordan Cullen

Eastern swans
Benjamin Barba

North McKay
Ashley Rohan


Jamie Garner
Christian Burgess
Tom Cousins
Josh Mackie

Tim Higgins

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