Freedom of speech to help feed Israeli stories

Honesty in journalism is helping to reduce aid to Israel and encourage the global human rights movement, writes Bilal Cleland.

In 1967, I was sitting in the staff room of a high school in Auckland, New Zealand, when news of the war broke out. Egypt and Israel Was broadcast.

Among those educated New Zealanders, there was clear support for Israel, with the exception of the quiet.

The apartheid system of religious extremists designed as a political weapon to defeat the Palestinians was not exposed.

Since then, every few years the ethnic cleansing of non-Jews has increased one step along with that of illegal Jews Colonial enclaves Being established under the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Security on Palestinian land.

The Israeli story, dominated for decades, is disappearing.

During Ramadan this year, the IDF attacked worshipers Al-Aqsa The Palestinians refused to allow the Israeli colonies to occupy their homes in Jerusalem.

In Gaza, 288 killed And more than 1,900 were injured, many of them children from the Israeli invasion.

Again, the United States, under its new “enlightened” administration, vetoed one Security Council The resolution calls for an immediate ceasefire.

It later called for a ceasefire, but the damage was done.

This is 2021, when the media has WiFi and we have smartphones.

The United States shot him in the leg.

Here in Australia the news monopolies of Murdoch, Stokes, Costello and a dying ABC – interrupted by a stacked ABC board and starved of money – are no longer in full control of the message.

One Open letter It was preceded by a release by 675 Australian journalists, media workers, writers and commentators objecting to biased media reporting in Palestine. Creek Journalist Janine Khalik.

SBS reporters later removed his name, apparently Boss pressure:

“But the organisation’s outrageous treatment of journalists raises questions about the double standard: the SBS staff was first organized by the NSW Jewish delegation and supported by the JCA Huberman Kulaviz Volansky Fund.”

Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), Worried that there were some journalists Pressure To remove their names from the open letter, The MEA has strongly advised SBS to resist any disciplinary action against freedom of expression..

These recent Israeli atrocities have led to a massive human rights movement and increased demands for freedom of expression.

Shouted at the dismissal Emily Wilder The Associated Press has warned the Israeli lobby that it is Jewish because of tweets exposing biased report expos on Palestine.

Her Great sin May 16 was tweeting:

The use of “Israel” but never “Palestine” or “war” but “siege and occupation” is a political choice – but the media makes those choices all the time without flagging prejudice. “

American Jews are experiencing some of the epiphany.

Accordingly Ariel Angel:

In 2014, I felt lonely as a Jew taking part in a Palestinian unity rally. I don’t feel lonely

The Black Live Matter movement can help people understand the mechanisms of structural racism and oppression, and can be credited with continuing to link the black struggle to Palestine. ‘

Now anti-Semitism accusations cannot stifle Israeli criticism.

It cannot enforce the policy Accommodation And represents a persecuted minority with the best equipped and most brutal military force in the region with ethnic cleansing claims.

Bilal Cleland Is a retired secondary school teacher and was secretary of the Victoria Islamic Council, chairman of the Muslim Welfare Board Victoria and Australian secretary of the Australian Islamic Council. You can follow Bilal on Twitter IlaBilalCleland.

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