Following the Delhi Police visit, Twitter India said it was concerned about its staff

Delhi Police earlier this week Twitter went to New Delhi and Gurugram offices in India To transfer an information, but returned disappointed because these areas were closed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Police wanted to hand over the investigation information after Twitter tagged the tweet of the ruling party’s BJP leaders as “manipulated media”.

A few days later, the Indian government sent him A letter to important social media moderators – Platforms with over one million users – in terms of compliance The new rule that came Effective May 26. These rules call for a quick takedown of “problematic” content, the appointment of special complaints and compliance officers, and a voluntary user authentication program through government-issued IDs.

Twitter has now responded to both incidents Concerned about the need to make a person (compliance officer) criminally responsible for content on the platform:

Right now, we are concerned about recent developments regarding our employees in India and the potential threat to freedom of expression to serve us. Many, including us and civil society in India and around the world, are concerned about the implementation of our global terms of service as well as the use of police intimidation tactics to implement the fundamentals of the new police IT rules.

We plan to advocate for changes to the elements of these rules that prohibit free, open public conversation. We will continue our constructive dialogue with the Government of India and believe that it is important to adopt a cooperative approach. The collective responsibility of elected officials, industry and civil society is to protect the interests of the people.

The firm added that it has requested authorities for a minimum. Three months extension to enforce these rules. It pointed out that it already is Grievance Redressal Officer – But they exist outside India.

In February, the firm first blocked and then unblocked several tweets from related major accounts. Farmers’ protest That started many months ago.

However, the Indian government ridiculed and threatened the decision Jail time for Twitter employees, The company stood firm and did not remove those tweets with the intention of “freedom of expression”.

It added that India’s IT law gives limited opportunity to defend its decision. What’s more, due to the non-compliance notice recently provided to this service, it had to block some content. It is important to note that some of these requests are protected by law and have never been made public, so we cannot do this. Find out why this content was ordered down.

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