Facebook no longer stops the spread of the theory that COVID-19 is built

Facebook does not dispel claims that COVID-19 was now man-made, according to A report from Politico She quoted a Facebook spokesperson. The company changed its policy because of a new focus on the origin of the virus, and President Joe Biden ordered his intelligence agencies to investigate the so-called laboratory leak hypothesis.

A spokesman for Politico told Facebook that the policy change was made “in consultation with public health experts”. Social network policy mandate That false claim and conspiracy theories about the virus will be removed.

Misinformation often occurs Broadcast on FacebookIncluding, During the Ebola crisis in 201. Is a company Under pressure from MPs To clean its function. In the early epidemics, dangerous rats – falsely suggesting that drinking bleach could cure coronavirus, for example – were widely circulated on Facebook, and shared thousands of times, Facebook despite January 2020 Declare that it applies its misinformation policy to posts about coronavirus and subsequent attempts.

Since then, Facebook has updated it List of statements that will be removed To include anti-vaccine propaganda. In an effort to stem the tide of misinformation, the company created Information about where to get information About vaccines on its platforms. It is also Attempted to warn users If they interacted with posts that received incorrect information.

Earlier today Biden issued a statement That being said, the intelligence community believes that two scenarios are possible: that the virus spread when it came in contact with an infected animal, or that it was the result of a laboratory accident. Most in the so-called intelligence community say there is not enough evidence to determine which situation is more likely.

The renewed interest and discussion of the “laboratory leakage” theory has raised concerns about anti-Asian hatred. Asian anti-violence The epidemic has risen since the beginning, Fuel by using former President Donald Trump’s terms Such as “China virus” and “Kung flu.”

YouTube and Twitter did not immediately respond to requests for comment on whether they would implement similar policy updates. Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.

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