Ellen Specter’s son says Donald Trump hinted at paying “a lot of money” for the Spygate investigation on 200 Spy

These two again.
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The New England Land Patriots are as reprehensible as any NFL organization, due in no small part to the example set from top to bottom. Prostitution, espionage, deception, turning a game from a stadium into a ball – you name it, they did it, or at least they were accused of it. Oddly enough, there is more to their resume than is known to the public.

The most infamous in the line of patriotic scandals is the “Spygate”, which stems from repeated crimes committed by patriots against league rules.

Let’s track back what happened. During the Patriots Week 1 tackle with the New York Jets in September 2007, NFL officials seized the camera from a patriotic video assistant named Matt Estrella during the acquisition of future Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss. He was suspected of recording the Jets’ defensive signals. A year ago, the league reminded all clubs of the rules against their behavior. September, 200 Directions from the League Office:

“Any kind of video tapping is not limited to tapping the offensive or defensive signals of the opponent, but is prohibited on the sidewalk, in the coach’s booth, in the locker room or in any other place accessible to club staff members during the game.”

A few days after their game, Kraft said “When you succeed in anything, many people like to try to take you down and do different things. We understand that. “Pompous prick.

On September 1, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued an “emergency mandate” and ordered that the vandals flip all videotapes in violation of league policy. On that day, Godel fined Belichik $ 100,000 and the Patriots २ 2,000, while the 200-year-old was selected in the 2008 draft.

Less than two weeks later, under Goodell’s orders, the NFL essentially said “nothing to see here” and tore down all the tapes, which showed the intent of the bullshit.

Interview a football fan of the Senate Judiciary Committee and then-Republican Sen. Arlene Specter, who became interested in the subject just two weeks after the completion of the NFL’s investigation. Beginning November 1, 2007, Specter wrote a letter to the league’s office, but he expressed concern that he had addressed the league’s situation.

In February 2008, after several months of trying to contact the League Office, Specter received a response, which Godell held at a press conference. At his conference, Godell said the tapes were destroyed because there was no reason to keep them and they could be leaked.

“Their answer makes no sense.” Specter said. “It simply came to our notice then. This raises the question of why they destroyed the tapes. ”

“It needs clarification,” Specter continued. “The NFL has a favorable position in our country with their anti-trust concessions. The American people deserve to be assured of the integrity of the game. This is similar to the CI destruction of a tape. Or at any time you have lost records. ”

Matthew Rosegart, a former federal prosecutor who assisted cabinet members in the Clinton administration to investigate, said: The New York Times 200 2008. “Allowing us to determine who is instrumental in the subject of research can clearly undermine the integrity and credibility of the research.”

Specter and Trump had a long-standing friendship. Trump has contributed a total of, 11,300 to Specter’s Conservative Campaign Committee over three decades. They were very familiar, exchanging handwritten notes that on more than one occasion Trump called Specter a “close friend.” Trump also hosted a fundraising luncheon for Specter during the 200th Republican Convention at Trump Tower in New York City.

Donald and Melania Trump invited Specter and his wife, John, to a private dinner in Mar-a-Lago on Sunday, January 20, 200 Mar. According to ESPN, there was a phone call after dinner, which included Donald Trump told Specter: “If you abandon the Patriots, there’s a lot of money in the palm of your hand.”

“My father told me that Trump was working as a messenger for Kraft,” Shannon Specter said. “But I’m pretty sure Pam Beach had campaign contributions, not cash. The proposal was to support Kraft’s campaign … My father said it was Kraft’s proposal, not someone else’s. “

“She was devastated,” Shannon Specter said of her fathero Died in 2012. “He told me about the conversation and about his anger during the call. … when my father was depressed [such overtures] Maybe because he thought it was the same as demanding a bribe, although the case law does not say so. … He would have told me when those events happened. We were very close. ”

Specter made his last statement to Congress in June 200, calling for an independent inquiry and again condemning the NFL for addressing the situation. He never took money from Trump or Kraft, as far as anyone knows. This is the end of the Spygate saga, indulging in deception and misinformation from the beginning, kissing Roger Godell’s ass in the nature and full performance of “Patriot Way”.


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