Dragon Quest 12, More More Dragon Quest games announced

Of Dragon Quest The series is getting six new games, as announced during the series’ streamstream and annual live stream. The list includes Dragon Quest XII: Fire of Destiny, A 2D remake Dragon Quest III, And more.

Dragon Quest XII: Fire of Destiny It was the biggest announcement, though it only appeared in the logo. The RPG will be “adult” compared to other Dragon Quest games, according to UG Hori, creator of Dragon Quest. The command system, or battle mechanics, will be different from other games in the series and will play a role in a variety of player choices.

Dragon Quest III Is getting a remake in the graphic style Octopath Traveler With Dragon Quest III: HD-2D remake. Game style features stylized HD-2D graphics. It will be released simultaneously worldwide on the console. During the livestream interview part, Yuji Hori handed out a slip stating that there were plans to remake. Dragon Quest And Dragon Quest II In the same fashion.

Dragon Quest treasure Is a completely new game that follows Eric from Thief Dragon Quest XI, And his sister Mia. Nothing else was known about the game as both the console and the release date were confirmed. This trailer features Eric traveling the open world and collecting treasures, as well as calling on Druxie for help with a double-jump. Yuji Hori indicated that there would be a new one Dragon Quest Monster Game announcement soon, but other details were not revealed.

Dragon Quest KeshiKeshi Free-to-play Match-Three is a puzzle game coming to iOS and Android devices later this year. The trailer featured a doodle-like art style and a cute stylized eraser with iconic characters and monster faces from the top. The game requires players to eliminate monsters.

Dragon Quest X Online Next year will mark its 10th anniversary and it is celebrating its release Version. Of the game. Little is known about what will be included Version.Although the trailer shows Celestrian Dragon Quest IX: Starry Sky Sentinels. This may indicate that players will be interacting with more Celestians and possibly the world tree Yggdrasil.

Finally, Dragon Quest X offline Is the declared cousin version Dragon Quest X Online. This game will play full solo and has a distorted art style to give the game a cuter look and feel more indifferent. Dragon Quest X offline The story will be like the online version. Both Dragon Quest X offline And Version. Will only be released in Japan.

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