Doubt above

½ ½

Author Chris Gerolmo (Mississippi burning) Who takes Sharkey’s true-crime book Doubt above And puts it in the hands of the director Philip Noyce (Salt). He turns it into a thriller that is worth watching, even if it ends abruptly despite some depressing moments.

Susan Smith (Emilia Clark) Has spent his entire life in Pkesville, KY. Like many people who feel trapped in a small, rural town, they want a way out. For her, living with two children in the same house, her drug-dealing ex-husband’s clients whose customers come out the next night are the most likely to exist. So she jumped at the chance to change the information to the FBI instead of getting out. But what started out as a dream came true for both Susan and FBI agent Mark Putnam (Jack Huston) when they had sex. After he transfers, things go from bad to worse, from rapid anger to murder.

The story is busy for its type and is well rendered for most of the film. Although a clear picture is painted with their evolution in character and circumstances, Jerolmo may have taken some exceptions in time and events to deepen the story somewhat. However, this does not play to the loss of the story. Unfortunately, there seems to be some ambiguity in the background of the end hard woven script, although the last moments are not as worthy of attention or accuracy as the events that led them.

Nice uses the dark, depressing locations in the film to great advantage, ensuring the listener’s painful awareness of how scary lives often lead the characters. There is no question as to why Susan wants to escape the endless cycle of addiction and addiction. An extraordinary portrayal of his intentions by a woman in Clark is seen as a dead-end. In the rare serious role of Susan’s ex-husband Cass, Johnny Knoxville combines a mixture of despair and complete lack of hope. Despite the performance, including Houston’s early imitation-cleaning agent, there is no sympathy that develops for anyone. This could possibly mean that there are no characters here.

In addition to the stellar direction and performance, the settings and the almost static little musical piece make it abundantly clear – it was a dead-end life that Susan saw as a dead-end city surrounded by dead-end people.

Doubt above A real-life case shook the FBI to its core and brought the agent to the first conviction for murder, making it inevitably interesting. It’s not the best film, but as a true-crime story, it’s above average.


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