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Lockdown, after years of turmoil in various iterations of the UK Hotels Finally allowed to reopen. Hallelujah!

Some can opt for one Break on the beach, While others will book in private Tree house In the village, but for anyone looking for the best advice post lockdown station for me? Treat yourself to a break at one of London’s most prestigious hotels. Why Because the beaches will be overflowing with day trippers, you will be hard-pressed to get into the pigs until October and London will include the world’s most respected hotels that deserve a place on your bucket list.

Case in point: Dorchester.

Clearly no introduction to this iconic hotel is required, but please let me engage you.

Excerpts from the Dorchester collection (including 45 Park Lane) Coworth Park, Beverly Hills Hotel and Le Mouris), Dorchester Park Lane is a magnificent dam and overlooks Green Park, making it an ideal place to soak up the city’s buzz in all its glory. This is not surprising since Prince Philip chose the hotel as the venue for his stag, politicians chose it as their headquarters during The Blitz, and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton frequently visited.

If you’ve set foot inside the hotel, you’ll be familiar with that sudden surge of surprises when you’re completely amazed at the big-life-collars with giant-floral exhibits. The handicrafts of designer florist Philip Hammond, the floral arrangements that decorate the hotel are not encouraging – and the in-house team wakes up in the morning cracks so they bloom even better.

Whether you live or not, no trip to Dorchester is complete without a place Afternoon tea In Promenade. This is the setting of choice for milestone birthdays, wedding proposals and special family moments. Surrounded by a rose-hood marble pillar, guests are invited to dip on cultured-brocade sofas and seriously engage themselves. Opt for champagne afternoon tea as bubbles make everything better and #lockdown. The delicious British finger sandwich is delicious. Think free-range organic eggs, ripe eggs, English mustard, fruit sauce in bread with parsley soap and micro basil in baby cucumber, pear, cream cheese, black pepper and basil bread. The artisan sandwich uses fresh-baked hot skis as well as Dorchester rose jam and Cornish clotted cream, and French pastries that are mostly seasonal based.

After this pleasant opportunity you will find interesting stuff to fill so I suggest to book a late food reservation book (more on that later) and roll your way to the spa. You are already feeling relaxed after quitting your Laurent Perrier over afternoon tea but the atmosphere of the spa helps you to slip into a deeper state of quick relaxation. The Art Deco-inspired spa (adorned with Philip’s excellent floristry) offers a plethora of treatments ranging from Carol Joy’s multi-acclaimed facial to aromatherapy associates to rejuvenation and toning massages.

For an all-round hero treatment, the £ 1.0 Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Aromatherap experience is a real treat. The therapist chooses Aromatherapy oil It is based on how you expect to feel relaxed after your treatment (relaxed, active or excited) and uses Swedish and soft tissue techniques to reduce stress and encourage deep relaxation. Lymphatic drainage space, which aims to promote healthy circulation and vibrant skin, no matter what.

Want to recreate the experience at home? Sally Pedler, a spa director in Dorchester, suggests: “Create a comfortable blend of roses, lavender and peppermint. This fantastic combination smells amazing and helps to soothe any skin irritation, reduce stress and improve energy levels – it’s really an excellent all-rounder. There is no such thing as a long bath at the end of the day. Bathing infusions are the best way to relax, and you always feel better afterwards. Simply leave all those wonderful aromas in your bath water. “You’re welcome.

From this point on you will feel more Jane and the king size beds and super plus bedsheets will be rude not to bag in the afternoon after surveying even if they are line free, they match the foreheads of the well-wishers. Who live here. Each and every room allows you to live the experience of Dorchester but we have been in lockdown for so long, it is foolish to treat yourself. Dorchester Suite featuring: roaring fireplace, plush sofa, six seater dining table, canteen bedroom complete with complete change, and more fresh flowers in the revolving marble bathroom (you’re spoiling us, Philip!). . With breathtaking views of Hyde Park from each room, Dorchester Old Tom gin’s flavors and tonics and custom-mixed sleep sprays on the bedside table, it’s a living luxury at its very best.

If you’ve just returned from your afternoon tea coma, there must be dinner on the grill – but not before the pre-dinner tipple at the bar, which the bar manager, Giuliano Morandin, prides himself on as ‘famous history’ and one. Spicy reputation ‘. Comfortable and welcoming, hours can be spent here making the Gilliano delicious twist pattern in classic Negroni but please, save yourself for the grill. Two words: champagne trolley.

Dorchester may be home to the Chinese Tang and Alan Dukase, but the grill is a similarly ethereal haunt, with young talent Tom Button offering an interpretation of the modern British grill. The spectacular decoration of the restaurant was reunited by Bruno Moinard in 2011 and the Murano glass chandelier deserves a place on your Instagram grid. The food is just as good as the decoration. Cambrian beef tartare, radish, ashtel jelly, yesterday’s bread, beef yolk, prawn scotch egg, warm tarere sauce, gerkin, ribei, stuffed onion, gentleman’s flavored mayonnaise, encovi fitter and restaurant’s iconic pair of tartin, two Ice cream (don’t be ashamed to have a ‘dog bag’ with you for breakfast tomorrow).

At 26 years old, it is safe to say that Button has earned his place as the youngest head chef of the hotel, keeping the edge spin on the old classics.

Yes, you will spend 2 hours eating, drinking and soaking on the leather sofas but a year later you find yourself gorging on cake bread, you deserve it and Dorchester welcomes you with open arms.

Doubles from 50 450 a night. Book Dorchester, Park 53 Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1K1QA + 76 20 20 76 76 29 88 calling8888 calling or calling at

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