Dockers midfielder Adam Serra at the Victorian Powerhouse Club

West Coast champion Peter Sumich believes Richmond’s freestyle midfielder Adam Serra is out of sight.

The 21-year-old is currently weighing whether to accept the lucrative offer to stay at Dockers or return to Victoria at the end of the season.

Serra has made an impact at the club in his short time and averaged 21 touchdowns and five points per game in 2021.

Sumich says he heard Richmond was targeting Serra as a long-term replacement for captain Trent Cochin, while he said the uncontrollable forward Shy Bolton would re-sign with the Tigers and is unlikely to be involved in any potential trade.

“I’m hearing that Richmond is without any business at Adam Serra (Shy Bolton has returned the other way before the uncontacted Richmond),” he said. SEN WA drive.

“They’re trying to catch him and they can’t take care of him (Shy) Bolton. I think he’ll stay in Tiger.” They’ve won a few premieres and I think the next three or four are yet to come.

“I hear they’re targeting him as a replacement on Track Cochin’s track. They want to get him now and then in two or three years when he’s got a good leg behind him. They’ll see him use Sera through midfield. That’s what I’m hearing.”

Sumich urged Fremantle not to demand too much money from the business. If Serra decides to leave the club and return home.

He said the Dockers do not let their emotions get in the way of business demands, but rather that it is better to negotiate a deal that will benefit them in the long run.

“If Richmond (Adam) is targeting Serra and he’s out of the deal, be careful,” he said.

“At the end of the day they asked for a lot, but Serra could go into the pre-season draft if they didn’t deal.

“As much as Fremantle has to earn the top 10 (trades) and be in the second round, they don’t want to go up so they don’t get anything.

“They cannot be emotional; You don’t always want or take more because players like Serra want to go and then try and spoil other clubs because you’re frustrated.

“You’ll get it back on track, that’s how it works. Clubs will see that you’re doing the right thing, your day will come where you’ll be back a little bit and someone else will lose.

“You have to be patient and work in clubs if the child wants to go home.”


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