DMCA warns Comcast customers when downloading Ubuntu via BitTorrent

This week, Redditor u / NateNate60 received a scented surprise in their inbox – a DMCA infringement warning from their ISP, Comcast Xfinity. The notice warned him that Comcast had “received a notice from the copyright owner, or its authorized agent, reporting an alleged infringement of one or more copyrighted acts.”

The strange thing about this warning was the “infringed work” in question: Ubuntu 20.04, which is free to redistribute in any way. Adding insult to injury, the hash listed in the notice is related to canonical Own Torrent for Ubuntu 20.04.2 / U / NateNate60 was running for a torrent Unprocessed Copy of open source operating system.

DMCA, P2P, and you

Typically, a DMCA infringement warning is sent as a result of an ISP client receiving BitTorrent media or software illegally. While the customer is engaged Herd, Their public IP address is advertised – it requests other members of the group to split files from that user.

Rights owners and “authorized agents” can link themselves to an illegal group, cut off the IP addresses of all parties involved, and send DMCA takedown notifications to the ISPs responsible for those IP addresses.

The ISP used this information to send a warning to the customer who had that public IP address at the time, and from there things move forward. If the client continues to trigger DMCA takedown notifications for long periods of time, the ISP eventually begins to rise from warnings regarding service suspension वा or complete denial.

A different smell of rodents

Aras U / NateNate60, Comcast Xfinity, and OpSecSecurity, reached out to the anti-piracy firm that allegedly sent the DMF takedown notice in the first place. OpSecSecurity was the first response and a clear notice was sent:

OpSec Security’s DCMA information transmission program was spoofed on Wednesday, May 2, 2021 by multiple parties on multiple streaming platforms. Content Ubuntu Linux ISO appears on all queries. We have unprecedented evidence that these DMCA notices were or were not generated by OPEC Security. OpSec’s enforcement efforts were sometimes marred by third parties trying to tarnish OpSec’s reputation. These efforts are easily recognizable and easily rejected.

We are notifying the appropriate authority about this incident.

Aras asked OpSecSecurity to expand its unconfirmed evidence, but we got no answer. It took a long time to get an answer from Comcast. The delegates we spoke to were aware of the issue through you / NateNate60’s original Reddit Post. Unfortunately, the screenshot taken u / NateNate60 was heavily redacted – very easily redacted for Comcast to easily see the event.

We asked Comcast to search No The DMCA warning is sent in conjunction with the hash listed as “violating the rules” – if possible, it could get us closer to the bottom of the story. Any such warning will either be bogus takedown or display to download Ubuntu (very unlikely) Hayes collision And Ubuntu Torrent shared a hash for unrelated to a torrent.

Comcast’s team found no evidence of sending a DMCA warning related to the hash in question – but the search effort was severely hampered by a lack of relevant case numbers.

Who betrayed whom and to whom?

UpskSecurity says it was already aware of its DMCA notification sending program being “created by multiple anonymous parties on multiple streaming platforms”, “It seems safe to take you / NateNate60 in its own words – that is, it looked like DMMA. Ubuntu 20 via BitTorrent .04 Warning about download from his ISP.

Comcast may have sent a DMCA breach warning, although its team could not detect it. It’s not hard to ignore Comcast’s warning, and not many people know how Check Email headers for authenticity – but it doesn’t look like anyone other than Comcast should be able to locate your / NateNate60 email address in the first place.

This probably leaves an opus security explanation – this “spammed information” was probably sent directly to you / NateNate60 by the attacker on this compost, which passed the warning according to its DMCA. Policy.

DMCA counter-notifications

The standard procedure for receiving a fake DMCA infringement notice – such as a notice claiming that you do not have the right to download Ubuntu – is to file a DMCA counter-notification. Comcast outlines the process in its DMCA Policy:

If a user receives a DMCA notice of alleged infringement and believes in good faith that the alleged infringing work has been removed or blocked by mistake or misidentification, then that user may send us a counter notification. When we receive a counter notification that meets the requirements of the DMCA, we provide a copy to the available person who sent the original infringement notice … All counter notices must meet the requirements of Section 1212 (g) ()) of the US Copyright Act.

It sounds simple – but there is a catch. Section 1212 (g) ()) A valid DMCA counter-notification states that the customer’s name, address, and telephone number must be included. Up to this point, the customer copyright of the ISP has been deducted from the claimant; All claimants have the client’s IP address, which is insufficient information for the claimant to file a lawsuit against the consumer.

Filing a counter-notification, unfortunately, is to fully identify the claimant. In particular, Wiley and the dishonest third-party copyright enforcement agency could theoretically use a fake DMCA infringement warning as a kind of Trojan horse – obtaining the customer’s legal identity through explicit bogus warnings and then using it for litigation in relation to unrelated gangs. Also Has been part of

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