DIY Homemade Vitamin C Serum Recipe

I live in Okanagan and discover that Nature Fire sells pure hyaluronic acid serum (Episilic) in a black, m0 ml bottle. It’s rather expensive कर $$ .99 plus more taxes, but the good news seems to be a bit too long. I use Vitamin C Serum (Viva Bio Brightening) in a dark 2ml bottle for a 34.99. Again, travels a little too long.

Vitamin C serum contains sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, cold press, avocado oil, wheat e, roship oil, evening primrose oil, vanilla planifilia oil, lavender angusifilia oil, angelica daurica, mandarin oil.

You should shake the bottle well and apply the THIN layer on the desired areas. Use on clean face. By keeping warm over open pores you can tolerate facecloth for 1-2 minutes. I exfoliate every 2 days for a day, because every day is called too much.

Allow the Vit C Serum to dry for a few minutes (skin absorption) and follow the dabbing (do not overuse) hyaluronic acid serum. I’m an older woman (over 500) and have just started this regime, so I can’t say yet as a result. But I can say that my skin is already soft (only days later) and I have reduced some of the blemishes.

I have to say that after the exfoliate, I mix equal parts with ACC (apple cider vinegar) or use filtered water as a toner, then a few minutes later, use a ‘hot facecloth’, so that I am applying the serum to one. Clean face

Coconut oil, castor oil and vitamin E are being used for eyelashes and eyebrows. Sweet almond oil for dark circles under the eyes. I drink plenty of water every day, sugar, bread, sweets, processed foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Exercise has been included in my lifestyle.

The sooner a better life begins! Thumbs up welfare mama … keep up the great work! I just stumbled upon this site because I was wondering if I could save some money by making my own serum. ; ))

Because I mentioned diet and exercise (as well as plenty of good sleep) the outside definitely reflects what is going on inside. Hope this helps someone. God bless!

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