Disdy Shades Ben Affleck X With Jennifer Lopez Throwback Post

Looks like one of the J-Lo Others exes feel brave. Didi Shed Ben Affleck and Jennifer LopezAfter a decade of grammar, he revived romance in the village by posting a throwback paparazzi photo of himself and the singer. The message from Diddy (née Puff Daddy) is clear: Forget Ben, and try again!

J-Lo, 522, will never be interested in the proposition that there is a whole other story. The “In the Morning” singer dated the rapper from 1998 1998 to 2001, and later mentioned in an interview with him that “Krida is a crazy, messy relationship that ended in a big bang.” CBS Sunday morning In 2019. Ironically, this Hustlers The star also spoke in a similar interview about her famous relationship with f-48-year-old ex-fianc बे Ben Affleck – and now, less than two years later, the couple has made an alleged statement. Their romance was repeated After splitting from his former MLB star Alex Rodriguez. Diddy’s ponytail seems to have taken the rumors of Benifar’s reunion lightly, as he only captioned his post “#ttt”.

That being said, fans and followers are eating it. On Thursday, May 27, he posted a flick. Diddy’s own son, Christian Combs, called her “Fortress” in the comments, while singer Cassia Cole said, “Hey, come home baby,” with a weeping emoji. On Twitter, social media users couldn’t stop commenting on how hilarious Diddy’s post was “small”. As a Twitter user Wrote, “Diddy keep such a small Trina Jane away from Ben. Messi, talking about some #TBT.” See the post on the question below.

Diddy’s post comes as soon as Ben and Jane are photographed in a private residence In Miami After Jim hit together. This scene marks the latest in a series of Benefit reunions, which is a week long Travel to Montana The report of their re-awakening romance came just before May Week in May 2021 after J. Loco split from A-Road four years later together. Excise, which started dating in 2011 and will be engaged in 2010, confirmed that they were calling for their involvement in a joint statement.

“We felt we were good as friends and the rest is waiting,” they said in April. “We will continue to work together and support each other in our shared business and projects. We wish the best for each other and each other’s children. With all due respect to them, the only other comment we have to say is kind words and thank you to everyone who sent support.” Yes. ”

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