Defeating the Tiger King

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Most of you know me from the wonderful person behind the “Mrs. Blogs” Mr. Blog – the creator and founder of Houns Blog. At his insistence I decided to write an article about these swans and what to choose in a week!

The last time I played was February 2020 – Bushfire was watching a relief game, Tom Papple was broken by seeing Navy Blue, and kicked four goals. I hope the swan will jump in 2020, as long as Franklin is free of injuries … well, the back is amazing. At least Paple Sydney committed.

Wow what a start of the first off-season – after a Displaster 2020 – burst well and really back. I must admit that I did not expect much in Round 1. I was hoping we would fight and eventually a strong Hierriar Lions team would overtake. I also scheduled dinner plans … Oops.

Imagine my surprise to see scores in between in the second quarter. Luckily the restaurant closed at 9.30am and Mr. Blog and I were able to dash home and watch the end of the game. It was fun to watch the replay the next day – especially as Logan McDonald, Braden Campbell and Errol Gulden were watching them play at least 500 senior games.

Round 2 was another great win – although we were worried about those last quarter fedouts and 6 runs in the defensive 500. Until the next round two, against the ruling premiers at the MCG, Mr. Blog and I hadn’t done both. Had been since July 201.

The media has created it as Dusty Franklin – Battle of the Superstars. Now provided I’m not in a dusty bandwagon – I found him kind of annoying. But in the year 2020, when you only got football from Melbourne Lockdown – I watched a lot of Richmond games.

The fact is that – he is an amazing player – Nor Norm Smith medals are no easy achievement. It’s like watching the 2020 grand finale I was so drunk, the second half was blurry and I kicked him all those goals. So after a detailed googly after – I found out that he was drafted in Hans if he was living a little longer in Sydney… Imagine if that happened? Eddie had a heart attack! There is talk that he is coming to Sydney after his contract expires in Richmond – one can only hope so and the tats are kind of attractive (sorry blogs)

Unfortunately, this battle was somewhat absent after the end of Franklin’s reign. I was all for it – he’s been out of the game for at least two years. Why risk him in Goal 3 – when he has only played half of the game? Match him to the deeper half of the year – when we possibly make the finals.

I don’t think Sydney will beat Richmond – they are powerhouses – four major premieres in four years are very rare these days. They reminded me of the swan in 2012, 201, 201 2016, and 201 2017. An awesome set of umpiring and 0 0 started in 2017, we could easily be with them. I would be happy if we matched with them at least quarter quarter-time and then they kicked in the last quarter.

As a huge Disney fan – the swans are little Simba, and Richmond was Uncle Scar (the big bad uncle) who reigns in Pride Rock (AFL). Although they had won the previous two games – Richmond seemed to be moving at speed – they didn’t seem to have hit their ‘full speed’ yet.

So on a nice and hot -0-degree day, Mr. Blog and I were sitting in the row watching the game. We go to the back six people (all Swans fans) for their hilarious comments on the special mention game. This thing makes the burst fun – the buzz between the fans and the high-flying irregular goose supporters when your team wins.

I was so shocked that we were ahead in quarter time – the swans came out to play!

No matter how many set shots we were looking at – I was worried that in the end it would come back to haunt us. Based on the other goals in the second (what was supposed to be “CHAD’s” goal) our 22-point lead reached 400 in minutes – I’m happy with the half-time lead of 22-point points!

Halfway through, Mr. Blogs and I were drinking ciders that score we all hadn’t predicted. I angrily kept sending messages to all my broken crazy friends “Can you believe the score !!”

My part was thinking at one point Richmond was going to come back hard – Dusty 38 38 would rack up the asset and they would kick another 10 goals. George Hewitt and the rest of the midfield team did a good job of him – canceling his talent and limiting him to only 20 disposals and no goals. Ken Hink is now urging John Longmeyer to go out for a steak dinner and brainstorm how to stop Dusty.

But the fight never came. It was a goal-scoring goal in the third quarter until Isaac Hayne kicked a ripper from the boundary and then the Swans were up 57 points. Richmond hit a few consecutive kicks in the final term but they never seemed to hurt, and their fans left 10 minutes before the final siren – so we were all surrounded by red and white.

What a game! Cygnets woke up! We all know what happened at the end of the Lion King – Simba defeated Uncle Scar. While it’s only 3 rounds and a very long season yet to come, I’m having fun watching the resurgence of the new look swan. One plus side is actually listening to AFL programs really talk about them for a change.

Mr. Blog and I are here for the GWS game – the swans cross their fingers and continue their joyful race!

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