David Boranaj reacts by moving the ‘seal team’ to a revolution

It was recently announced that CBS ‘ Seal team Moving from network Paramount +, And the star David Boranaj It is becoming clear what its performance means.

Speaking Entertainment tonight After the season four finale, the 2-year-old actor came out with the move to show that “going to be good for the type of our story that will allow us to dive deeper into these places in the storytelling.”

The text is here

David Going forward, “Network Television has allowed us to do a lot of great things, especially CBS has allowed us to press a button,” now, will give the series a chance to work again and “really be able to get in” some great storytelling. “

“You have 18 more minutes of screen time. If you took our show today, this is a network show you would probably say fits better on cable or stream on. I can agree with that because of how we told these stories. You always go away, ‘I wish we could do it or we could do it.’ Well, now that wish is coming true, and I think it will benefit us. ”

Seal team, Claris And Another program is running now On a stream network.

David The move not only helped the author take a deeper dive into military stories, but also “opened it up even more.”

“I’m just excited with that tune and able to go through these stories and go through the challenges of being more honest with them,” he says. “The emotional part of the season finale, you will see it torn apart after the death of Jason Metal, we can go deeper into it. It’s exciting for me, especially to continue with that character as a character.

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