Customers say fun …

Customers say fun …

Mark Fletcher
May 2nd, 2021 No response

Newspress stores were offered access to two limited mint coins to celebrate the Queen’s th th birthday. The available allocation was taken quickly. So, a few days ago, the coin was returned. It never left the mint, not just for News Express but for all sellers. We don’t know why. But we had to communicate its availability to retail customers, coin collectors.

Here is a scary story from her conversation with a News Express member and a customer …

Today I was talking to one of our regular coin collectors when it came to remembering the Queen’s coin. Innocently I said “why am I surprised”. Well, you’re the first person to hear this – “Because the Queen has been dead for 10 months!” And he also informed me that Prince Philip had been dead for months (in which I could not argue because he looks like he was dying) for a while. But it all has to do with the economy you see. I didn’t listen to him much because all I could think of was ‘A Weekend A Burns’. You like retail

I agree, you are Retail should be preferred!

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