Covid negative report is mandatory for Singaporeans, PRs boarding flight back home

Singapore: Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PR) are required to submit a valid negative covid-1 polymerase chain response (PCR) Test report, Singapore received within 2 hours prior to departure from Singapore within 2 hours prior to May 2 (Saturday) starting at 11: 9 from, local media reported on Thursday.
All Singaporeans and permanent residents are only allowed to fly to Singapore if they present negative test results before departure, except those who have stayed in low-risk countries and territories for the last 21 days, Ministry of Health (MoH) said on Wednesday night.
According to media reports in Singapore, Australia, Brunei, mainland China, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau are low risk countries and regions.
The Singapore government recently said an average of 225 passengers, mostly Singaporeans and PRs, returned home daily from India.
“All passengers are required to submit their valid Covid 1 PC PCR test results at air, sea and land checkpoints when they arrive in Singapore,” the ministry said.
Those who come to Singapore without a valid covid negative report may be denied entry, it added. Permanent residents and long-term pass holders who fail to comply may have their permits or passports revoked, the ministry warned.
Cargo drivers and other people who transport goods between Singapore and Malaysia will continue to be unmarried for rapid antibiotic testing at Tus and Woodlands (land) outposts. They will only be allowed to enter Singapore if they receive a negative test report. They are not required to take pre-departure PCR tests, the ministry said.
Since November last year, Singapore has required all long-term pass holders and short-term pass visitors to enter the country to submit a valid negative Covid-1 PC PCR test report received within 722 hours of their departure.
“We did not make this time necessary for Singaporeans and permanent residents, as we did not want to make it difficult for them to return home as soon as possible, in case of a rapidly declining epidemic abroad.” Channel News Asia Ministry quoted.
Currently, Singaporeans and PRs will take an on-arrival PCR test before placing them in a dedicated home information facility.
Of Ministry of Health “It is advisable to travel abroad for a while now,” he said, adding that PRs living in Singapore and abroad would have more time to manage the risk of covido 1 in the countries where they live.
Travelers to low-risk countries and territories are required to either take a Covid1 test when they come home to exchange information, or a seven-day state-of-the-art information service is provided at their place of residence at the end of the Covid 1 test notice.
Passengers who test positive for his Covid 1 PC PCR test should seek appropriate medical care and ensure that they have fully recovered and are not contagious before visiting Singapore, the ministry said.
“Singaporeans who test positive for Covid1 abroad and need immediate medical attention in Singapore can return to Singapore by Mewadek flight or other similar form of transportation,” he added.
The ministry said the multi-ministerial task force was closely monitoring the situation and was regularly reviewing border measures.
“In recent weeks, the global situation has deteriorated and we have observed the emergence of new and potentially infectious variants.
“To manage imported cases and the risk of transmission from within our community, we are updating our pre-departure testing requirements,” it said.
Infectious disease specialist Leong Ho Nam said the latest measures would help reduce the burden on Singapore’s healthcare system.
The country’s policy is for all travelers who can be admitted and valued for positive testing, who enter Singapore and those who end up testing positive for viral disease to be taken to hospitals and community care facilities here, potentially pulling the system, Straits Times Quoted by Dr. Leong.
But he noted that this meant that the Ministry of Health would exclude Singaporeans or PRs who needed serious medical treatment. “These steps are relatively good and can only be handled outside of Singapore to help reduce the case,” he said.
In Singapore on Wednesday, 266 new coward cases were reported – 223 in the community, one in the dormitory where foreign workers live and two in transit infections.
As of Wednesday, a total of 611, 16116 cases of covidia and 322 deaths have been reported in Singapore. The ministry said 1,360 patients have been cured of the disease, while 222 are still in hospital.


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