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Coronavirus Melbourne Florida

Northrop Grumman sent his workers home after a staff member at the Melbourne facility tested positive.

Northrop spokesman Tim Painter said in a statement Wednesday afternoon that the staff had been isolated and was being treated. “Cleaning staff” sent home workers to work who were able to clean the facility.

The company has urged employees who have close contact with sick workers to isolate themselves at home.

When asked how many continue to work on campus, Painter said Northrop would not comment outside of his opening statement. Florida Today received reports from Northrop staff that the infected employee worked in two of the eight buildings on campus while exhibiting symptoms.

Coronavirus Melbourne Florida

Those buildings have been closed for cleaning, staff said, but more people will return to work on campus Thursday.

Coronavirus Melbourne Florida

In the evening: 15:15 to 1:15, Breward tested 1 person: six negative, two positive, five pennies. An internal email sent by Florida Today-reviewed Health First Medical Staff at 5:56 a.m. said “more COVID-1 cases have been confirmed in Bravard County today” indicating that the number of locally infected people is likely to increase in the coming days. .

The Florida Department of Health announced Tuesday the first confirmed case of Bravard. The patient was a 76-year-old woman who had been infected with the virus after contacting a known COVID-19 patient during a trip to New York.

According to the Florida Department of Health, updated at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Florida has .14 confirmed cases, up 100 from the previous day. Seven died. The increase in new cases comes after the state announced an increase in tests following the announcement of Ron Dysentis, with the purchase of 250,000 more tech kits and the ability to test 25,225,000 people at a qualified state lab.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a column on Wednesday afternoon , 03838 Coronavirus and 97 97 deaths were reported in the United States. According to the World Health Organization’s Wednesday report, 1,117 cases have been confirmed and 8,077 people have died.

The coronavirus epidemic has initiated widespread social isolation measures locally and internationally to slow the spread of the virus.

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In Florida, K-12 schools are closed until April 1, with classes continuing farther away. The bars are closed. Restaurants are restricted to accommodate only half the capacity of guests and are requested to switch to providing only carouts and deliveries.

Bravard County closed the seaside park Wednesday, but the seaside remained open. Already the majority of businesses are closed and events have been canceled. Local grocery stores restricted their hours; Publics began closing its stores on Sunday night for a day of deep cleaning.

Breward County declared a state of emergency on Saturday. It urges residents to follow other guidelines, including keeping feet away from other people, avoiding large gatherings, staying home when sick, and washing hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer should be used with at least 0% alcohol if water is not available.

County and health officials say people with symptoms should call their doctor, local emergency room or immediate care clinics for screening before showing facilities.

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