Coronavirus Florida dies after hundreds of trades open

Florida coronavirus

On the eve of Florida’s soft “reopening”, the death toll and the incidence of coronavirus infections began to rise. USA, LLC

Three Hillsborough County residents have died from COVID-19, a respiratory illness caused by the virus. Those deaths were among 115 Reported Sunday by the Florida Department of Health, The novel brings the statewide death toll from the coronavirus to 1,140. Another 90 were hospitalized across the state.

More than a month after the shutdown, most of the state opened Monday, allowing Florida residents to dine inside restaurants, go to the white sand beach and shop at non-essential retailers.

But as the state tries to restart its vulnerable economy, the number of coronaviruses is growing by the hundreds.

In Florida, 81 new confirmed cases of covid 1 were found on Monday. The disease is caused by coronavirus and has infected 36, 7 reported people across the state.

The state reported 20 new deaths, including three in the Tampa Bay area. The statewide death toll is now 1,421.

A Tampa Bay Times The analysis found that Monday morning updates in the state showed fewer deaths than on other days of the week.

Florida coronavirus

The total number of confirmed coronaviruses across the state is on the rise, with the number of cases increasing and the rate slowing down.

6:00 AM – The Florida DEO website came back down over the weekend.

10 :: 300 in the morning – According to the Florida Department of Health, there are currently 36,389 cases of COVID-136 in Florida and the number of new deaths is 1,199. Has been That includes 191 cases and 20 deaths since Sunday morning.

11:00 AM – Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer will allow restaurants to expand into private park lots sites to serve them more patrons.

11:00 AM The Florida Mall, Orlando International Premium Outlets, Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, and Orlando Outlet Marketplace are open once again, Simon Properties announced.

11 :: 300 in the morning – The new antibody test site at Volesia County Fairgrounds hit capacity just hours after it opened.

How fast is the number of Florida COVID-19 cases growing?

Morning updates usually show lower numbers for the current day.

The reported deaths are increasing at a steady pace. More than a third of deaths from the virus or from the 7th virus are among residents or staff of long-term care facilities.

Florida merges with many other southern states to reopen.

Florida’s response to the virus has been praised by the government’s Ron Descentis Announcing its reopening plan Last week During his press conference, Descentis presented a slide with a chart comparing Florida’s coronavirus death and hospitalization rates with the hardest hit states in Italy and the United States.

He criticized the educational models that predicted Florida could face the most devastating effects of the virus in the United States. He spoke with reporters to report on the models before outlining his reopening plans.

Florida coronavirus

The reopening does not include the counties between Mami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, which together are the epicenter of the state epidemic.

Florida coronavirus

Health experts DeSantis’ plan reviewed He said that there was a balanced effort to get the state back to work. But most agreed that it was too early to implement.

Experts say extensive re-testing is an important factor in safe reopening, but overall, Florida tested 2 percent of its population. As of Monday, the state had tested 4,444,81 people.

Florida coronavirus

The state has not come close to testing at the rate recommended by some experts. Descentis said the increased testing would coincide with the state’s reopening.

About one percent of statewide coronavirus tests are positive.

In the Tampa Bay area, Hillsborough County has become a leader in coronavirus with 1,300 confirmed infections. It killed one person on Monday, including the new Monday: two women, 63, 63 and 73 73 years old.

Pinlas also reported a new death in a year-old man, which caused its total death count to be due to the virus. Brought 43. It has 78 784 cases.

Florida coronavirus

Manatee County, which is very small, is leading the region in deaths with 0 deaths. There have been 63 63 63 records of this virus. At least some of those high numbers are the result of outbreaks in some nursing homes in some counties.

In the rest of the region, Polk has 6,536 cases and 2 deaths; Pascoe has 2,282 cases and eight deaths; Citrus has 99 cases and 11 deaths; And there are six cases and six deaths in Hernando.

Florida coronavirus cases by age group

Doctors say older people are at greater risk of developing severe symptoms from COVID-19, which makes Florida particularly vulnerable.

This story will be updated.

Is Coronavirus Florida Safe?

Florida coronavirus

This is a question in the minds of many today as the first step in Ron Descent’s plan to bring Florida’s economy back on track. If you missed the story you published yesterday, Tampa Bay Times And Miami Herald Seven public health experts were urged to review the DeSantis plan. Five of them said the plan was good, but it was soon.

Florida coronavirus

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Florida coronavirus

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