Coronavirus Australia Live Update: Victoria Lockdown begins to fight the Melbourne coyote outbreak after mounting a call for more business support. Australia News

Readers of Victoria in particular are most welcome to wake up on the first day of a new day Seven days of woodcutting To Covid contains outbreaks.

You can read all about Lockdown ban here And a Here is a list of exposure sites.

Already this morning Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Cap ABC TV is calling for financial support for businesses affected by the lockout – I will post a summary of his interview briefly.

Yesterday Victoria Vaccine Hotline Crashed for hours, Surprised by calls after the state government decided to vaccinate people over the age of 400 (announced by Lockdown).

Meanwhile, the federal health minister last night Greg Hunt Appeared there Across across Elderly Care Homes across the country yet to receive their first dose Kovid vaccine, 1 in Victoria.

He also said that Only 500,000 Australians have been fully vaccinated With both doses.

Hunt announced yesterday Recommended elderly care residents between flu and covid shots at two-week intervals will be rejected In these homes, they are given the benefit of being vaccinated in light of the outbreak.

Earlier yesterday there was a family of unmarried Melbourne elderly care home residents By “Flabbergasted” comments From Elderly Care Minister Richard Kolbeck, Who recently claimed that they “chose not to take the job” because they did not have the vaccine.

End somewhere Australian employment agency providers Are generally dissatisfied with the welfare mutual liability plan, The draft review says, Concluded that “employment prospects did not improve”.

Is a leading mouse expert City slickers reassure (Sydney people for example) The plague affecting parts of rural NSW has not spread to the city – Track map Despite the record recorded on the map.

Internationally Biden of the White House It was decided to see if the coronavirus could escape from Wuhan’s laboratory A new rift has opened up in the already tense US-China relationship.

You have Elias Visonte Here I am bringing you the events this morning.

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