Coronavirus Australia Live Update: Victoria calls for seven-day lockdown in Melbourne outbreak; The Prime Minister said that the fun of the state’s quarantine center scheme can be enhanced Australia News

Our thoughts today with our Victorian friends. And with Australia Victoria This is a very difficult time. It will be difficult.

It triggers so many difficult memories of 2020, and the long lockdown that followed.

So I say to the Victorians, stay safe, stay strong, Australia stands with you. Because what we do know is that this virus, and its outbreak means that the outbreak could spread everywhere, and so you are serving the whole of Australia with sacrifice.

This is especially difficult because it could have been avoided. Labor has long said the government has created two jobs this year: the right to quarantine, and the right to vaccination.

The origins and causes of this outbreak have come from Adelaide’s Hotel Quarantine, and as a result there are now thousands – contact tracers need to be dealt with and, of course, disruption to life and business in Victoria will suffice. In the next seven days

Today, we want to repeat the four essential elements of planning.

The first of these is the dedicated quarantine facility, the second, to achieve vaccine rollout rates, the third, and appropriate public information campaigns, and the fourth, the manufacture of mRNA vaccines here.

While this four-point plan makes a difference, it is clear that the plan was needed for a long time.

And yet, we have situations where there are 2,237 elderly care facilities in Victoria with only one indicator day in which individuals are not fully vaccinated.

There are those 29 features, not a single dose. That’s not good enough. Morrison’s government must accept its responsibilities to lead, not always decide what to do with it. Effective quarantine, and effective rollout of vaccines.


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