Connor McDavid and Mike Trout: One and the same

Choir McDavid Oilers and Mike Trout are the Angels claimants of GOAT status, but both need to move away from their respective franchises to do anything.
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Two boys walk at once. They are both dressed with glamorous admiration and admiration in the Nine, yet they hang down under their heads. They sit in a few seats and order the same drink. Two things to do.

The first man says, “Dude, the high-ups in my workplace aren’t supporting me at all. I’ve been working for a damn for a decade now. I think I’ve done my part, but other branch offices keep dragging me. ”

“I understand you.” Boy no 2 says. “I’ve recorded one of the most impressive quarters in recent memory at the company, but we still have our competitors blown out of the water.”

If you can’t tell from the title of this piece, the two men in the metaphor above are MLB’s Mike Trout of Los Angeles and NHL’s Edmonton Taylor’s Corner McDavid – two of the brightest stars in their games, whose careers have been in vain on the respective team.

Oh, I can already feel the heat from the torch and pitchforks. But before you and my band of keyboard warriors decide to call for my head, we just open a discussion. Are Mike Trout and Connor McDavid wasting on their current squad? Most Taylors and Angels fans answer a question “NO!” With that likely to happen, I’m sure someone else would argue that their team failed to make a serious spell in a recent postseason. . I would definitely say that. I want to see the best players on the biggest stages, and the Angels and Oilers haven’t been able to do that.

Both teams seem to be trapped in the same trap – they spend a lot at the top of their roster and hopefully they can stick the championship caliber team together with a bit of dap tape and scrap metal in another place. It is infurbating. You can call me stupid all you want. You can do things like slits, “How are they ruined when they’re both considered the best players in the sport?” Well, both players are pursuing GOAT status at the moment, and frankly, a championship (or at least a deep playoff run) is practically a prerequisite for that title. No matter winning a championship, name a GOAT candidate in the NHL who never made it to the Cup finals. Marcel Dionne? Definitely. He’s an all-time great, but never mentions in the same breath as people like Gretzky, Howe, Orr, or Sidney Crosby (to be real with himself here). How about Major League Baseball? Ernie Banks? Ken Griffi Jr.? Well, Griffith Jr. is considered one of the all-time greats of the game and I heard him grow up in GOAT conversations. For my part, for goodness sake, he was only shy in the first three votes Consensus MLB Hall of Famer. However, what strikes against Griffiths? The fact is that he never played in a world series.

McDavid and Trout do not deserve such knocks in their resumes – as Griffith did not. McDavid is in line with the ruling NHL MVP – Leon Drysettle – and defeats them almost every night. It is difficult to be a plus / minus of 21 but it is one Expected plus / minus -. because of the team around you. Now to be fair, McDavid has done some ominous magic during his career. Winnipeg Goltender Conner Halebuic His mind played out During the game against Edmonton. It’s not the fault of McDavid or his teammates, but the same ominous 2020 season, or the season before that, or the season before that, and so on and so forth. Over the years in McDavid’s career, the Oilers have won just eight playoff games. That’s not good.

Outside of the McDavid line, Oilers forwarded only 77 productions –On-. All-season Eulers have failed to build a good supporting cast around McDavid, and because of that failure, only two of the league’s top two point-getters were on the team that were out of the ice when the McIlwoods were out of the ice (-1 goal difference). One was Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks (-225). The next was DrySittle (-22). And what’s crazy is that McDavid and Drastic still managed to drag their team to the playoffs, the Blackhawks. Postseason lost Eight by.

For Trout, the fact is that he consistently holds elite numbers – having the most players War The average age of a player – 22, 2, 224, and 2 se through all seasons – has so far only three winning seasons and was unable to win his single play-off game. Twenty, Is disgusting. Trott can’t help but think that his team is consistently in the lower half of the league in Ira.

What is even more unfortunate for Trout is that he was caught in this situation. In any case, there is no one in his covenant No business stream, It is unlikely that any trade offer for trout would be equal to what trout would bring to the table. Not to mention, the number of trout which trout is also low.

I’m worried it’s all over. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. When teams fail to meet expectations, the microscope often shifts to team superstars. “Maybe they’re not as good as they thought if they can’t carry the team to the postseason.” Because of that unfortunate trend, Trout and McDavid will probably be glossed over in history. They deserve more than that.


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