Choice between dumb and dumb

When it comes to ideas, progressives do it better than conservatives. Progressives embrace innovation, nuisance and complexity, while social conservatives struggle to process complex tasks.

The best lacks all faith, while the worst

It is full of intense intensity. ~ WB Yeats

Who do you want to run the country and determine the future? Dumb? Or Dumbar? Now is the time to choose. There is scientific consensus on the long-understood – but never so delicate -. On average, when it comes to this idea, progressives do it better than conservatives. A decade or so Brain scan This confirms.

Why weren’t we told? The main thing is, why did we keep the mother when we found out? In a decade ago Parents, George Monbiat was independent of the silence of the Left.

The political peculiarity, he said, was progressive from the throat:

“The conceptual folly of traditionalism is matched by the strategic folly of liberalism.”

Who is left ‘Strategic idiot’? Basically, many progressives have embraced harmony at the expense of unity. In focusing on being good, they failed to say what is wrong and why and how to fix it. What a wonderful thing to hate Democracy About – is disagreement, debate and disagreement.

The consensus of research is that political conservatives have a relatively low level of cognitive skills. Of course, there are exceptions; It’s about average. On average, conservatives struggle to process and plan complex tasks. In contrast, progressives innovate, nuisance and Complexity. And, because progressive arguments are relatively complex, it is difficult for conservatives Processing They. Don’t know exactly what it’s all about. For conservatives, complex progressive ideas make them feel threatened.

What are the main research findings? Compared to progressives, thinking skills, emotional regulation and ethics Qualification Not the best of the Conservatives. Conservatives have a high To want For security, prediction, authority, order, closure and certainty. They are extremely cautious and scientifically low Literate.

Conservatives have a relative difficulty processing evidence even on a relative level. They like to think about the world in black and white terms and are more attracted to dictatorship Ideology – Because they simplify the world.

Don’t get me wrong I say that the conservative mind is a biased mind. Of Research He says that conservative minds are attracted to simplistic ideologies. Prejudice is in these black and white ideologies. Conservatives are only more prone to implement more AIDS.

What is going on in the minds of conservatives and progressives that affects their political leanings? On average, neuroscience says, the progressive brain contains a large amount of gray matter that helps to detect errors in the field and resolve conflicts (Anterior syllate ciliate cortex). In contrast, the fear center of the brain is the amygdala Big In conservatives. It explains why conservatives have an intense sensitivity to fear, danger and hatred. And why their Temple Climb up easily.

Right-wing politics loses lives, data shows

Search also helps explain why Pierce Morgans And Andrew Bolt Take things in stride. Are their songs and dances just for money and influence? After all, what really scares them real audiences? Of course, not all conservatives are fools, says Monbiot, but they have long since abandoned high-minded conservatism in favor of criminals. ‘Base, stupid impulse’.

To recap, science is telling us that the cognitive abilities of traditionalists are relatively humble. So, why did the smart-pants keep the mam about it? Silence, while 75 million Americans voted for Clinical Sociopath. The button is up while Australia votes for Daddy who is not affected by the weather as Jesus is already in the middle of the night.

You guessed it – not just social conservatism, but religiosity is tied to the ability to think badly. Don’t get me wrong I know it sounds like I am, but I am not against conservatives. Those who stay away from extreme situations are generally fairly honest and sincere. Against all that I am voting on powerful votes where their depth is beyond. Instead of thinking, they just market the goods. You might think they are thinking, but it’s all spin practice.

Of course, Monbiat is still free about the silence of the left:

‘True social vivisicationists see that its constituent parts as a living society piece can live alone … [progressives] Will not shout to stop. Doing so requires the act of obstruction … for which they no longer have the vocabulary. ‘

So, why couldn’t the thieves quietly stop the decades-old news from the inner city roof? Is very good Fear of losing a “favorite”? Are they afraid of falling on a tall horse?

Well, here’s where the niceness is Taking We: 197 During the period 44-2006, self-identified conservatism among Americans increased by a third. And, in the global north, intelligence scores have been steadily rising for most of the 20th century Falling Since 1975.

Do driver dicks please stop being dummy? If that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved with the Midnight Special.

AL Jones A psychologist and author of numerous published books and numerous articles on written politics.

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