Career best game for Ben Keys of Morningside

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There is a player wearing the # 2 jumper for the Adelaide Cows this year who looks like Ben Keys, who was # 1 with the Brisbane Lions from 2016 to 2016. But it can’t be him, can it?

In fact, it could be. And it is. But only in name. The hard-at-it 2 within the midfielder The 24-year-old Cowboys are a completely different player to the 22-year-old academy graduate who was listed by the Lions in 2012.

He is confident and more productive, giving her the opportunity to play a role that is best suited. He’s improving decision-making and use of force over the week and it’s all about the ‘team’.

So much so that there is an argument to be made that Adelaide is the most improved player in the key competition in the last 2ays month after throwing a career lifeline in the 200 rookie draft.

Members of the key fan club have certainly claimed that he played a key role in Melbourne’s Now Bubble burst in Saturday’s one-point victory at the Adelaide Oval.

He had a career-best 34 34 assists, he scored a career-best two goals and a team high of seven tackles, while Melbourne ball magnet Clayton Oliver (possess 38 assets, 2 con competitive assets, three goals, nine tackles and 1 cle clearance).

Keys and team-mate Paul Seedsman received seven votes in Oliver’s 10-vote victory over Adelaide in the Coach Association Player of the Year award.

With 22 votes, he is currently second in the coaches award among Queenslanders, behind Sydney’s Tom Hickey (228) and Jorco (22), Harris Andrews (118), Eric Hipwood (115) and Charlie Cameron (13). And that 4-side side that sat 1sth In AFL

Saturday was the fourth-0-capture game of the Keys’ career – and his fourth in six weeks.

This season he has established 2 games7 assets (112 competitive assets), goals goals, tt tackles and 53 cle clearance as a legitimate weapon for the rebuilding crows this season.

He is second only to Rowe Lord in All-Australian, twice in cow property, competing property, clearance and tackle. And he is 1 14 years oldth In the competition for properties, 2 inrd Competition in property, 2th In clearance and equal inth in tackles.

Having played 300 games in four years in Brisbane, he now plays 226 consecutive games for the Cross, who lost in the Round 1 last year.

His first game in red, blue and yellow must have been a big deal. It was Round 2 – the resumption of competition after the Covid Lockdown and the Adelaide Show against Port Adelaide.

Numbers tell the story. His capture rate per game is 12 in Brisbane. from from to 20.85 A in Adelaide and this year 2 … Is Its competitive rate has risen from 6.3 in Brisbane to .5.5 in Adelaide and 11.2 this year.

Similarly, his clearance number has gone from 1.117 to 3.8585 and 3.3. And more than his major role with the Lions playing in midfield with Cowan, his average goal count at both clubs is similar but 500% higher this year.

What happened Adelaide inventory management and strategy owner Justin Reed says it’s a combination of different things, but mainly approach, opportunity and hard work.

“We liked him in his draft year – we always know he has the ability to run strong,” Red said. “And we knew the depth of the Brisbane list (from which he was cut).

“We wanted a player who could tag players inside or outside, and potentially. We know his versatility and we remember the 2011 NEFAL Grand Final well when he scored 0 and scored two goals to win the (best off) medal.

“We had a lot of young players but he was lacking at the second level. In general, he was very good for that level, and he was not as good as he was playing regularly at the AFL level.”

The Brisbane Cubs had decided to play Box Hill in the VFL in 2020 after his release, but that all changed in a conversation with Crowe shortly before the draft. Cast-off Ben Crocker for Keys and Colliewood.

“We wanted some help for our first and second-year players … The players in the system were in the right age bracket and if we gave them a chance they could pass on what they learned.

Ben originally (in Brisbane) we were just moving (to Adelaide). It was a good fit. We didn’t give him any guarantee … we just gave him a chance. He has earned the rest.

“He has shown a sense of maturity. Getting out of her comfort zone, moving away from home and understanding the work required to reach the level … it’s all part of it. And I think he also showed some good leadership. Reid said.

“If you ask him, he will probably say that he lived up to his expectations but he got his sweets.

“It simply came to our notice then that he didn’t get the moment when we should have said ‘Hey… ..’ but he’s excellent overall and he can build on it now and end up with a good career.” “

Croke, who played two games in Collingwood, had a similar story but could not make the most of his second chance. He played seven games with Crowe in 2020 which will be listed again in October.

Although the keys were ignored in the Round 1 selection, Cruise was found fifth and best and won the ‘Player Trademark’ award – recognition from the most valuable sports group in that group.

So not only did he get a new contract, but in 2020 there was an offer to move from the # 2j jumper he wore to the # 2 jumper, which became available when Brad Crouch left the club for St. Kilda.

Adelaide football legend Malcolm Blight admitted in a Crowe game on Saturday that he had always questioned the key’s decision-making ability and use of force.

“But I said I’m around. He’s not there yet but he’s coming along well. Full credit to him, ”Blight said.

Keys, born in Melbourne, arrived in Brisbane with his family at the age of five. He played junior football at Morningside, enrolled at the Lions Academy in 1114 and completed his secondary education at Gregory Terrace, a rugby stronghold where Gregory Terrace also sent corner balloons to the lounges.

With a strong family history in high level football, he has always played in the AFL. Or at least that’s what someone close to him said.

And he seemed right when he won the Australia Under-1 selection in 2014-11-15 and Queensland won the 201 Division Two title in the Under-18 Championship by winning the Hunter Harrison Medal for the best player of the Carnival in Division Two.

He played regularly with the Lions in the first two seasons, initially under Justin Lepitsch and then under Chris Fagan, after things went wrong and he only played two games in 2018 and 201 in.

Now, in 22 years, he is almost where he is expected to be. It took a long time.

Now the 56-gamer, originally ranked # 2 at the 2015 National Draft by the Lions, is behind Ascendon’s Anthony McDonald-Tipungwati’s 600 games of the draft year. Late rookie pick, ‘Tippa’ has played 11 games.

It was one of those sliding door moments famous for football.

The keys only went to Brisbane in the first place after the club, already starring fellow academy player Eric Hipwood, to match the dialect of the Western Bulldogs.

Instead, the dogs took Josh Dunkley, who was the club’s first major member since 195.4 in his first season.

What if the lion did not choose to match the bid? This is a great bait for really hard-nosed fans.

In 2019, Key saw National 65 players ahead of him in the National Draft and two other pre-season drafts before him and picked a sixth player in the Rookie Draft.

This is a classic second chance story. The keys set fire to the dream of football that temporarily snooped on the Lions in which the club seemed to come out to be the best thing they could do.

In other Queensland AFL news this week:

Brayden Preuss suffered a catastrophic outbreak on Tuesday that ended his game with the GWS without ending the first game. Set to return from right shoulder reconstruction, Pressus was lifting weights at the gym where he had torn a pectoral muscle in his left shoulder. Former Townsville’s former Gold Coast Sun Sun Rackman has a terrific run. He made his debut with North Melbourne in 201 North but will return at the age of 2nded years in the 1 month career games after playing more games in the North that year and 2010 and 2010 in Melbourne.

Jack Smith’s first game in 21 months for the Gold Coast against Giolang in the G.L.G. showed a solid individual performance on the improved team highlighted by 522Nd And the best goal of his career – a miraculous right-foot photo with heavy pressure in his pocket.

Denny Jorco continued his form of form to give the Queensland control team a strong lead in the sixth consecutive victory over the Brisbane Lions’ Ribmond at Gabba with two blues, a goal and an aran clearance. Eric Hipwood was another standout with four goals, while Keidian Coleman posted a career-best 116 asset that goes to his best-performing goal.

Will Martin was on his way home in a dream when he was called to Gabba in Richmond as a medical alternative. It was his second AFL game and the first for the former Lions Academy captain in front of his former ‘home’ fans. Sadly, he did not land.

Charlie Dixon played a key role in the second half, helping Port Adelaide to a slug against Collingwood. In the final change to his side’s 1 15 points, he kicked himself one goal and disappointed two others, winning the toss after Olly Wine pulled the ball out of a short boundary throw-in.

Peter Blucher is a sports consultant.

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