Call for ‘big’ spending on SA art tourism campaigns

Art leaders have urged the state government to re-launch a major tourism campaign and taxpayer-sponsored vouchers for arts and cultural events to attract more international tourists to South Australia.

The Arts Council has warned that South Australia’s “Festival State” could lose its identity after a parliamentary committee heard last year that the state’s arts sector had been “completely destroyed” by the Kovid 1 ban.

Art organizations are urging the government to start their talk, saying it will be the state-first major tourism campaign focused on arts and cultural events in South Africa.

He says the campaign could offer a fifth round of government-funded vouchers to recipients to spend on art events and festivals after past rounds focused on areas of need and experience.

Fringe director Heather Kroll said InDaily Glutney, the Garden of Uncharted Dalits, and the RCC, fringe organizations, had sent letters to the SA Tourism Commission calling for the campaign to be included in South Australia’s new arts and cultural tourism strategy, which is set to be released in September.

He wants the campaign to be the same scale as past tourism campaigns focused on South Australia’s wine and coastal areas.

“They have never done a campaign dedicated to South Australian festivals,” she said.

“There are still tourists who don’t know about the magic of festivals in Adelaide and we believe our festivals are a tourist destination experience in themselves and are worthy of a big campaign.”

The Fringe generated डलर 100 million in economic activity last year, an epidemic that forced South Australia to shut down.

It is projected to reduce revenue from this year’s ban, with organizers selling more than 303,000 tickets to mostly domestic audiences.

Kroll is finding one of the vouchers to say that discounts on shows at next year’s Fringe event, or discounts on flights and accommodation during the summer festival Tuco season, will be “immersed” with a comprehensive tourism campaign.

Vincent Sickello, managing director of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, who is also a member of the Arts Industry Council committee, said the “concert, long-range” tourism strategy.

“We welcome vouchers as a single motivation measure and in ourselves,” he said.

“There are many options as a means of encouraging people and giving them confidence to return to the art and cultural scene of South Australia.

“The current competition is very strong and many states are presenting art and culture as an integral part of the tourism proposal, so this is the essence of the discussion for us.”

Cicarello said that despite the ASO being a “loyal” listener, the ban on audience numbers doubled the orchestra’s production and artistic costs.

“We are forecasting a significant deficit this year,” he said.

“Next week we are launching the second half of the season and we are doing so at 100 percent capacity, which will help us overcome the forecast deficit that was sustained in the first half of the year.”

Jessica Ellis, vice-president of the Arts Industry Council SA, told Parliament’s Covid 1 Resp response committee last week that the council had recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Tourism Industry Council.

“We have worked together in some consultation process in the development of a new cultural tourism strategy,” she said.

“It’s something that’s in progress and hopefully will develop some tangible results, such as voucher plans and things like that soon.”

In a statement InDaily, A spokesman for the SA Tourism Commission said Arts was working with South Australia to establish a “joint ownership strategy” that would highlight the role that arts and culture play in the tourist economy and identify opportunities for development in the region.

“The draft plan will be available for response in 2021 for a period of four weeks,” he said.

“It is expected that the September 2021 strategy will be final.”

The government will open the ballot paper for the “Great State” voucher tomorrow.

Applicants will have the opportunity to score a 100 voucher for use at participating hotels in the CBD and North Adelaide, or प्रयोग 0 voucher for use at selected accommodation providers in suburban and regional SA.

There will be more than 500,000 vouchers to hold

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