Boris Johnson defends viral record after attack by former ally

London: Prime Minister Boris Johnson On Thursday morning, he denied claims by his former chief aide that he supported the UK’s coronavirus response and that he was ineligible for the post, and denied that his government had monitored millions of unnecessary deaths.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock Hit back Dominic Cummings Singles him out for criticizing a fierce attack on the government.
Cunningham, who stepped down as top adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson in November, responded with a slow and chaotic initial response from the government, saying that tens of thousands of people had died unnecessarily because Johnson had failed to learn from his mistakes.
“People are not getting the treatment they deserve. “Many people had to die in horrific circumstances,” he told lawmakers.
Cummings – whose main role in the campaign is to get Britain out European Union A Brexit supporter helped Johnson become prime minister – Johnson said he was unfit for the job. “Some of the comments I’ve heard have nothing to do with reality,” he said.
“It’s an incredibly difficult series of decisions, none of which we’ve taken lightly,” Johnson said. “At every stage, we are governed by the determination to save lives, to save lives,” he said. “What we want to do is the people are distributing road maps and superficially moving our country forward is going through a difficult period that I think anyone can remember,” he told reporters on Thursday. .
Kim Inggs accused the hacker of lying to the public and said he should have been “removed” for failing tests as well as for making mistakes such as getting patients with the virus out of the hospital to a nursing home. Thousands died of COVID-19 in British care homes in the first month of the outbreak.
“Unrelated accusations around honesty are not true,” Hancock said. He told the legislature in the assembly, “I am directly with the people in public and in private House of Commons. “Every morning since I started working in response to this epidemic last January, I got up every morning and asked: ‘What can I do to save lives?’
Opposition Labor Party Health spokesman Jonathan Ashworth said the government had an answer to the question of whether Kim Ings’ allegations were true.
“From these allegations Cummings “Either that is true, and if that is the case, then the Secretary of State (Hancock) is probably in violation of the Code of Ministers … or they are liars and the Prime Minister has brought a fictional and false thing to the heart of Downing Street.” “What is this?” The UK has recorded about 128,000 deaths from coronavirus, the highest in Europe, and experienced the world’s deepest recession in 2020 as three consecutive lockouts crippled the economy.
The government says it will launch an independent public investigation into the handling of the epidemic within the next year. Opposition politicians, and families who have lost loved ones in COVID-19, want it to start soon.
A comprehensive vaccination campaign, launched in December, has reduced the number of infections and deaths, although the UK is looking at new strains of the virus, which has been identified in India, with new strains. It is spreading across the country and scientists expect it to become a major form in the UK but they say existing vaccines seem to be working against it.
Approximately – / British British adults have one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and 45% have taken both doses.
The government is lifting restrictions on the stage, indoor food, beverage and entertainment venues reopened last week, but social distance and mask-wearing rules are still in place.
Hancock said it was “too soon now” that the remaining social restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the virus could be lifted on June 21.
Johnson said the removal of the remaining measures would depend on how much the new version increased the number of cases and the speed of the vaccination campaign.
“I haven’t seen anything in the data lately that suggests we should deviate from the road map,” he said. “But we may have to wait.”


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