Bendos, Jeff Bezos, Bond and MGM strike again in a multi-billion dollar bid – and social media has fired again.

He has got Tux, now he also has a bond with Jeff Bezos. (GeekWire file photo / Kevin Lesota)

Bezos Jeff Bezos.

Certainly not the same ring as the introduction of a British secret agent. But that .5. billion billion is not right, right?

Amazon did not soon announce a multi 2 million bid to acquire MGM Studios – the 226-movie catalog, including the entire James Bond – when social media, particularly Twitter, released its usual critical review on Wednesday.

The meme-worthy snack was the order of the day as Amazon reaffirmed that what Amazon wants, Amazon buys, the biggest deal is to snatch the stored Hollywood studio because it bought it and checked out with Whole Foods for Food 1.7 billion. There may be many applicable bond titles, but “the world is not enough” makes one feel particularly good today.

So forget Lex Luthor for a minute. Bezos feels more timed as a Bond villain:

And …

Dr. K. Was Octopus Bond a villain?

But it wasn’t all about bonds:

Prior to its MGM plans, Amazon has established itself as a major player in Hollywood with Amazon Studio and its prime video streaming service. Actor Chris Pratt, the star of Prime’s upcoming summer blockbuster “The Tomorrow’s War” has left the name of his “boss” in a tweet:

Others reunited with one-time reality TV star, former President Donald Trump, over the Bezos war:

The history of the tech monster relates to whether or not it pays taxes, as well as its current no-confidence issues cooked up for the Jabs:

And finally, it was hard to leave MGM’s roaring lion mascot with a laughing Bezos replacing it:

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