Behind the scenes of Cricket’s lies and false artwork

How Creek Cartoonist Gorky has created the wall in the form of Braille and Dassier has easily complicated it.

Artwork for Cricket Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s groundbreaking dossier Lies and lies A huge, detailed, busy wall tracking is an example of dishonesty. It was designed by Creek Visual satirist and illustrator Sarah Nagorka – or, we know her, Gorky.

There are at least two dozen elements in the picture, from a truck full of AstraZeneca vaccines to a van with an EU flag on it, and a mouse flying from a catfish, to a gigantic pig spilling coin all over the football field (Gorky’s favorite).

“I tried to put in some elements that were a little fun,” Gorky said.

“So, anything that is bigger than life and doesn’t really fit the shape of the pieces is the thing I enjoy the most.”

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There are suggestions for Murdoch’s media agenda, Pentecostalism, finger-pointing, Medivac and privacy – a judge was getting ready to lower his gauntlet as he watched from a magnifying glass.

Gorky said she spent a total of 48 hours on the piece. This minute is full of details, many of which the audience can miss. One element for him is the development of the Prime Minister – John Howard, then Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott, transforming into human beings imitating human development. Articles by Georgia Wilkins and Bernard Kane Lack of truthfulness of the previous government. Another image is the face to the right of Trump’s face.

Gorky’s Wall (click to enlarge)

In any case, Gorky has come together in the political world – she is definitely a fan Creek Reader – She said the dossier was shocking.

“I think it’s just the cumulative effect of it, the false hearing after a lie or corruption and the effect it has on you, where you just become dull and can hear,” she said.

“It was amazing how you could treat them.”

Gorky never wanted to be a political satirist. She studies pharmacology and works as a pharmacist but always tries to add art to her career – writing a play about antimicrobial resistance before transitioning to cancer research support, communication and design roles.

It’s not easy to shift from health to politics: “I created a lot of existential content in the past, so changing it politically was a change for me, but it was a challenge I was after.”

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Peter Fry

Peter Fry
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