Arrest in Little Cesars Restaurant Attack Incident

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office

Augusta was caught by police trying to beat another woman at a small Caesar restaurant.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Marshals detained Britney Kennedy Wednesday.

Kennedy attacked 2A year-old Emily Broadwater on a small Caesar pizza on A221 Wrightborough Road in Metal 117 in August.

Officials say Britney Kennedy, 225, arrived at Broadwater and had an argument. Kennedy pulled a chair from under Broadwater, causing it to fall to the ground.

The photo may have been deleted

Cellphone footage shows Kennedy grabbing the victim’s hair, dragging her to the ground and repeatedly knocking her over after Broadwater’s year-old daughter cried.

The victim suffered injuries, bruises, black eyes and cut lips.

Both women went to Facebook to explain the side of their story. Broadwater said she had previously cared for Kennedy’s three children.

Broadwater is currently the father of Kennedy’s children. He is the father of a Broadwater child.

“The only thing I did was to help her baby friend become her baby mama. She’s been harassing me for weeks,” Broadwater wrote on Facebook.

The photo may have been deleted

Kennedy was behind Released from prison, He allegedly stalked and harassed Broadwater before attacking him in Little Caesar.

Kennedy is happening Arrested without bail Charles b. There have been allegations of criminal damage to Webster Detention Centers and increasing attacks, kidnappings and property damage.

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