Apple shares the fruits of the developer’s journey through entrepreneurial camps

In the two weeks leading up to the 2021 WWDC, Apple has detailed the story of the three companies that attended the Apple Entrepreneur Camp and the applications they created.

Each Apple Entrepreneur Camp brings together a group of individuals represented in the technology to learn and share their experiences. The first camp In 201 Women in tech were invited to participate, then Another camp Opened to black founders and developers.

Apples Has been shared Some companies and developers who are successful for camps and their plans for the future. Each camp provides one-to-one code-level guidance from Apple experts and engineers, as well as insights from mentors, motivators, and top Apple leaders.

Tuneband will be an app used to help create and sell all music in one place

Mass Garrison, creator of TuneBend, was one First members Entrepreneur camp for black founders and developers. He wants to create a collaborative digital music experience for recording and selling music.

“I said, teach me the code, and I’ll make it myself,” says Garrison. “Show me how it happened. Because today as an artist I think when you face a challenge in technology you have to break it down.”

Garrison led the creation of TuneBend for music, technology, and entrepreneurship. The collaborative app enables musicians to jam together, record, and sell their music in a music entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Apple says TuneBend will launch later in 2021, but a preview version of the app will be launched during WWDC. The preview version of the application is called “Matt Garrison” and contains the basic components of Tuneband to offer a sample of the final product.

Hopscoach is an app that kids are learning to code

Hopscoach is an app that kids are learning to code

Samantha John is the founder of Hopscoach, a code-learning app for kids. Her application enables children to learn code and publish their work in a moderate community. John’s desire for the code came at a much later stage than the man in her life, and she feels that the next generation should change that.

“I want to make something for the little ones!” Says John. “All my male coder friends learned when they were kids, and it didn’t happen on my radar. I wanted to change for the next generation.”

In the entrepreneurial camp, John was able to work directly with Apple engineers. She said she was also able to troubleshoot the problem with WebGL with an engineer who keeps it for Apple.

Emegie Leather helped the girls learn the code

Emegie Leather helped the girls learn the code

Dora Palfi, Beatrice Ionascu, and Paula Dosa are the developers for Imazalib. The company has been established in the women-centered corner of Tech based on the need. The app is called Cody, Social Networking, and a physical object called Imagine Skin to teach young girls the code.

“Studies have shown that boys and girls at the age of twelve had similar interests in computer science,” says Doma Palfi, CEO and founder of Imagilab. “But at the age of fourteen this interest has increased from 47 to 100 percent for boys, but dropped to 12 percent for girls. We believe this is due to the lack of relevant activities related to this and that for girls. Our application and imaging skin fill this gap.”

Apple says each of these developers benefited by participating in the Apple Entrepreneur Camp. The camp is designed for companies operating in applications that are led and led by developers from a background performed in the field. The initial group consisted of 100 women innovators and their teams from 1002 countries, and black founders and developers. Was added In 2021

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