Al-Faisali holds her first title as custodian of two Holy Mosque Cups

Riyadh (dpa)

Al-Faisali won the custodians of two Holy Mosque football cups for the first time in its history.

Julio Tavares took the lead in the meeting. He scored three “hat-tricks” for Al-Faisali, leading to his second appearance in the final game of the tournament.

The partnership began in the 1st minute with a goal from Cameroon’s Linder Tawamba, but Tavares scored for Al-Faisali in the 30th minute with a penalty kick.

Kaku scored the second goal in the 45th minute from a penalty kick and Al Tawan took the lead in the second half, but Tavares scored the second goal for Al-Faisali in the 0th minute.

Despite the numerical shortcomings Al-Faisali suffered when Al-Faisali received a red card in the playerrd minute, Tavares continued his talent in the third minute of the Republican season after scoring a coronation goal for Al-Annabi. The defeat of the second half, to prevent Al-Faisali from winning the championship for the second time in its history, which is the latest in 201 crowns since 2011.


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