AFLW Inssight 2021- Round 9 Part 4

Praise the bell

Take mine

This was a bit disappointing mainly because of the high standards set by Cowley throughout the AFLW competition.

Mark had plenty of time with the crew player when his teammate Martin saw that Collingwood’s players had accumulated ball stationery so he could easily put pressure on her if she decided to kick.

Instead, she runs to the Woodwood receiver, which now has an easy-paced handball back in its kicker, which is now lonely.

Sufficient game intelligence would allow an early cross player to see his team who are in the D1 position and take on D2 duties in his decision to defend his direct opponent and then let him play.

He needs to believe that Martin Ball goes into the career that he was about to pursue, and with a game model that determines the responsibilities that must be met in order to improve decision-making in these circumstances.

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