AFLW Inssight 2021 – Last Week 1 Part 2


Take mine

Assumption – Action Coupling is an acronym for All Team Games and in a nutshell, reflects the reaction you see.

What you see now depends on how many different scenarios you have been exposed to and how many different solutions you have tried to solve.

Ideally you want to face very different scenarios and situations in training and games so that you can start developing high game intelligence to be able to style and identify the game which will be able to predict the next game action. So be able to respond faster than your opponent

It’s not really like that but what the Melbourne player does in this case is that in his act of kicking he got the ball to his feet. (By my time method. 1sec5 seconds), he felt like if he was kicking the ball it was annoying.

.Sec seconds later she pulls the ball back without going through the kick, she meets again and swings freely on the kick at zero pressure.

This type of skill and game recognition can only be built into game type training, not the practice of cone for cone – just sayin.

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