AFL calls Gold Coast-Hawthorne game in Darwin due to Melbourne’s COVID-19 outbreak

The AFL has announced that Saturday night’s game between Gold Coast and Hawthorne will not take place in Darwin due to the COVID-1 outbreak in Melbourne.

The league has not confirmed when the match will be played.

Haq was scheduled to fly from Melbourne to Darwin on Thursday.

Ascendon and Carlton were able to leave for Melbourne on Wednesday for their 11-goal interstate game.

The bombers are scheduled to play West Coast in Perth on Saturday night, while the Blues face the Sydney Swans in the SCG.

Players and staff from both clubs had to be tested and separated in Perth and Sydney, respectively, until the test results were obtained.

The announcement came after the AFL’s Sun-Hawks struggle The league advised Victoria-based players to limit their movement outside their homes due to new coronavirus cases in Melbourne..

“The AFL has advised all Victorian teams that players and staff should reduce their traffic outside their homes as they continue the current situation in Victoria the next day,” an AFL spokesman said.

The AFL also acknowledged that it was a spectator who had positively tested the Covid 1 for a match between Ascendon and North Melbourne at the Ducklands Stadium in Melbourne last Sunday.

Victoria has the Department of Health Site listed as exposure site.

“Marvel Stadium (Ducklands) cleans the venue after each game and is deeply involved in deep cleaning of the identified area,” the AFL said in a statement.

“We remind this fan of everyone present at this week’s round match that they help scan the QR code at the stadium and further assist in the continued management of the epidemic.”


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