AFL / Aussie Rules Football Training: New HORIZONS

The last game I broke 3 days ago is a very unsatisfactory elimination last loss.

Since then I’ve trained 556 of those days in preparation for the next game to come … and here it is.

In 2020, a lot has changed, hasn’t it?

My work situation changed because I could no longer train clients in the gym, so we went out and liked many of them and we moved on talking.

I am a planner and I design my train accordingly but even if there is no train I had to change my focus dramatically.

In the wake of the covid virus ban and daily updates, my wife’s health took a turn for the worse earlier this year, resulting in weeks of hospital stays, especially some vacations while still on tour.

Last year a message was sent to me by a former teammate who advised me to go for a coaching job at his Ecstasy Club and even though the travel factor was as bad as I was then – I took a look at it before deciding to stay where I was. Maybe you know something that didn’t happen last year or something like that.

A few months later and at that time committed to my club (which took me 10 years) from my home coaching post online min minutes.

The mind begins to team up.

My wife is home now but restored to the walking frame until her dream decided to return, near football I will be given 5 – h hours at home to support her and train Archie personally to get karate and get back on her own feet.

So I sent a temporary email but got no response, I thought I had slowed down the situation a bit and it was already full.

So I continued on to South Yarma and played in their first practice game and to watch later next week, that week I attended training on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I saw another advertisement in the coaching place and my ears fell silent.

I contacted them again and I said that I had responded to the first ad but something went wrong and they were not received or seen.

Anyway I was sent through a resume type and they were happy together that the next morning we wanted to talk about what we did, which invites me to participate in training that day and a Saturday coaching practice game!

Quick day giving process if any.

Saturday was complete chaos although around 20 seniors were missing, which meant 2 ring ins and I knew 3 names and faces.

We met the boys on the field and within 3 minutes an opposing player broke both legs and we had a min 0 minute break while 2 ambulances took him away (good luck to him by flashing a photo from the accident!).

We had 2 x 1min minutes left to play against the team in which we had drilled, we finished with 16 players in the feed and I had a good hot stroke.

Cut today and I have names and faces for everyone but 2 of my 23 players for the Yarraville-Sedan Eagles tomorrow, I have a team with six positions and changes and we had a quick 1min minute meeting last night to go through some very basic defenses. Strategic materials to build in 2021.

I’m not stupid enough to realize that I’m really attracted to this position being a Division 1 position at the reserve level, for an untrained coach and funny enough that they read my online stuff that I thought started as sort of, and from what I was doing Were affected.

After the Division 2 Premiership in 2010, the Eagles are in Division 1 of the Division this season but with the Premiership team part they had once but with so many young lists, my position is a developmental position which I am also very passionate about. About so it was a perfect one for me right now.

There were a few things that a lot of people told me that I had sown the seeds of the best work I could do in relation to coaching and bursting and I definitely took them to counsel in this situation (thanks Austin and Michael!)

They also allow 6 on the bench in the WRFL so I can still play so much a double whammy and we can see how this and2 and a half year old body goes to the Division 1 reserve level tomorrow.

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