AFL / Aussie rules football training: MID-SEASON BREAK

It looks like we’re on an extended mid-season break, possibly after the end of a long year we’ll take some time to take stock and see how we can improve our process and see results, this season.

As always ART covers you so here is a quick list of our subscription options and packages.

Level 1 Membership (Training / Training Articles)

– Level 2 Membership (Training / Training Articles + Training Program)

– Level Members Membership (Training / Training Articles + Training Programs + Training Exercises)

– 20 games sense drill package

Footy focus program (Youth based program)

Footy Club Bundle (-0-odd pages include different program / content peices)

If you are familiar with my content you will be well aware that it is not only the retrieved items that you will find from other places, it is a very holistic approach to coaching and player development centered 100% on local and amateur football clubs, with their limited resources (time / Equipment / Manpower) is always at the forefront of every piece of content – so is my background.

There are some other bits and peas on the subscription options page too!

Use it this week or 2 times away from football to get fully ready for some more work – we have 220 pages to read (below down00!) So I’ll continue to watch it before actually finishing it.

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