Acer SpatialLabs Tech turns laptop screens into holographic displays

(Credit: Acer)

Acer claims that it has created a way to display holographic 3D images from laptops.

The technology is called “SpatialLabs”, and it promises to help graphic artists better visualize their creations. The PC maker plans to debut the system before Computex on Thursday, using a special Acer ConceptD Notebook

The system works using stereoscopic 3D displays, i-tracking cameras, and real-time rendering technologies on PCs. Together, the techniques can create the illusion that the object appears from the display.

“The content literally floats in front of the screen, allowing creators to test their creations in real time and at 360 degrees – without the need for special glasses,” says Acer.

We are reserving justice until we see technology in person. Due to COVID-19, this year’s Computex show is a virtual gathering. Meanwhile, Acer has released a video that seeks to simulate how 3D images from a laptop can be viewed by real users.

According to Acer, Eye Tracking is located on the top of the laptop, which is equipped with a dual-lens stereo camera that can track your head and eyes as you move around the laptop. The laptop takes this information, and uses a stereoscopic 3D display to generate different angles in each of your eyes in the image.

The price was not fixed. But Acer sees opportunities to sell technology in 3D technologies, which often restrict their creations to viewing on traditional PC monitors.

“The SpatialLabs model removes this limitation by giving viewers an extra dimension out of the box for designers to work on,” the company said. For regular work routines, the laptop’s 3D stereoscopic panel can also switch to 2D view, converting the device into a normal notebook.

Credit: Acer

Acer plans to first offer the technology to unrealistic engine game developers through a SpatialLabs developer Program.

“Those who enroll in the program will receive the first experience of the new concept, the ConceptDisceptive Lab prototype notebook,” Acer said. The application process for the program closes on June 0. ConceptDi prototype notebooks will then be offered free to winning applicants for the first three months.


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