1Tech work sites make it easy to find a new home whether you want to work from home or not

Start your search for a new position with sites that include dice and actually linked in and data functions.

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If you are one Many are looking for new jobs, This collection of resources is a great starting point. Aside from familiar sources like Dice and Monster, there are new sites that focus on specific carrier or remote-only situations.

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The three sites on this list flip the standard script of the hunt for a new position. Companies hire people instead of applying to specific places. Employment hunters submit profiles for approval by the website. If the individual is a good fit for the current open roles, the profile is accepted and begins to appear in the search results on the site. The idea is that companies will start a rental conversation with certain employment details and salary proposals, rather than taking out the process and offering some details.

Check out our list and see if there’s anything new waiting for you.

Data jobs

The site was founded by a professional data scientist with experience in enterprise big data technology. Data jobs Helps businesses hire specialists in scalable data warehousing, Hadop architecture, BI analytics and data science. Job seekers can find big data jobs in Analytics, Data Science, Data Analysis, Hadup and Database Administration.

DevOps Task Board

This site collects listings DevOps functions. Some listings go to recruiter sites while others go directly to the employer’s application site. Postings include personal employment as well as remote work.


This site specializes in technical employment. Users can only filter tasks remotely, except remotely and work may be available from home. There’s also an easy-to-apply option and a 2021 Tech Salary report if you need help negotiating your next payment rate.

Glass door

This job search site helps job candidates Find the right fit through ratings and reviews from current and former employees, Salary reports, interview reviews and CEO approval ratings. When you sign up for an account, the site asks users to share their salary and write a review of their current company.


With this profile centered site No applications and no cover letter required. The service is free for job seekers and includes employment in 12 US cities in addition to London and France. Users apply to use the service and Hired approves %% of all presentations. The website team works with employers in search of software engineers, product managers, data scientists and designers. When the user profile is live, companies can search to see what the open companies are full of. Profiles are hidden from current employers. Hire that companies contact the person in front of the employment details and salary. The site also provides guidance on bargaining.


Flip This European Work Site Standard Job Search Approach: Candidate creates profile And interested companies approach people who seem to fit in well. There is an alternative call with a screening process and a talent consultant. The site includes jobs for developers, DevOps engineers, data scientists, data engineers, machine learning engineers and engineering leaders. Frequently Asked Questions indicate that experience with startups is preferred but not required and a good level of English is also important.

In fact

In fact, it also collects 15 employee experience facts In companies, such as work happiness, learning, inclusion, achievement and purpose score. You can search for distant employment and find contract work for many professions, including full-time IT.


Because it’s easy to tailor work recommendations for your personal search Kept inside I know a lot about you. Users can find out if you have any contacts in the company you are interested in, send the contacts to your list. Users can save tasks via Task Tracker to apply to later tracks. LinkedIn also offers skill assessment and if you score% 0% or better, you will earn interest for your profile page.


This host of job search sites At the top of the search results page is now the “Remove task only” checkbox. An initial search for “Java developer” returns 12, 4.2 jobs, and individual role-based filters narrow the list to sh, 85 to85. Tasks cover a full range of industry and experience levels.

Overflow jobs

This site assures users that the recruiter will never receive spam. It is focused Only in software development The job search feature allows users to search for distant jobs or jobs within a certain mile radius. The Perks filter includes many useful items including visa sponsorship, relocation, education and teaching benefits and 10+ vacations. Developers can also use filters to include and exclude certain companies and search in specific industries.

Windows Azure functions

This strip-down site only lists jobs Azure skills are required. Users can search for jobs to deal with full-time volunteer with specific keywords, location, industry and 1 types of posts.


This site too Companies bring candidates. The website team looks for candidates who are a good fit for companies with open roles. The site estimates that profiles are reviewed within 48 hours. People who are initially rejected can reapply after 300 days. The platform specializes in software engineers, designers, and product managers but can also be applied by non-technical professionals. WhiteTruff is free for employers and job seekers. Companies can upgrade to the Pro version for access to more candidates.

Working Nomads

This site specializes in remote work In 1 categories including system administration, software development and UI / UX design. The listing specifies the company, the type of work (full-time, part-time, contract) as well as the subject tags to specify the top skills required for each job. Some jobs are partially remote which means employees have to be on site for training or team building activities at a certain time. Clicking the Apply button sends you directly to the site of the rental company.

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