10 Useful iPhone Tips To Use At Work

It takes time to build better (US President Joe Biden can keep it up), new general explorations, and a digital transformation of everything we do at work. These iPhone tips help you save a little time so you can focus on those big issues.

Send your location

Messages have a useful trick. If someone drops a text asking where you are, do this:

Start typing “I am” and see what pops up in the Siri Suggestions bar under the text input section: Current location. Tap it to send your pinned contact to your contact map. This is very useful when trying to find.

Share your business contacts

You can share details of any contact record from within the Contacts app, so why not create a shareable business card? Open Contacts, tap the plus sign and create a new contact record for you and your business. When you want to share it, just open Contacts, access the record, tap Share Contacts and choose how you want to share the card.

Why not change your signature?

Do as I do and change the signature file. (This phrase is automatically added to every email you send) From the default “Sent from my iPhone” to something useful, such as your business name and contact details.

  • Open Settings> Mail> Signature.
  • Choose whether you want to use the same signature for all accounts or for emails sent from your device per account.
  • You create the relevant signature.

Use time to not interrupt

There is a timer function hidden inside the unobstructed object inside the control center. To access it, start the Control Center as usual and then press and hold the Do Not Disturb (Crescent) icon. An interactive menu that won’t bother you to work for an hour, until the next time segment (morning, afternoon, evening), until you leave your place or list on your calendar until the end of the current event, like you don’t want to mess around in a meeting.

Make sure you don’t forget to switch after your meeting.

What do you draw attention to?

The text magnifier tool is one of those hidden talents of iOS. You can get it by tapping on the shared menu, except in the mail (unbearable). You’re looking at a website, reading a report or PDF, or working within an app that supports sharing items and wants to send something special to someone. You want to highlight a special section of the page, and you can:

  • The item you want to share openly, tap on the Share menu and select “Markup”.
  • This creates a small PDF of what you see on the screen.
  • Tap the plus button to the right of the markup tool and select the loop item.
  • Hold it, adjust the zoom and set the size to highlight the section you want to draw attention to.
  • You can share this item using the Share menu.

Some printable PDF-enabled

If you can print it, you can usually save it as a PDF. Open whatever you want to convert to PDF, tap Share, select Print. You’ll see a preview you want to print in the dialog window, but don’t tap Print here – instead, press two fingers in the preview and spread them out.

The full frame PDF will appear, which can be saved, shared, annotated.

You must pass Wi-Fi

One useful iPhone genius is WiFi password sharing, which means you need to enter the password once on your iPhone to get your Mac online using the same network. It only works if both devices are logged in with the same Apple ID, WiFi and Bluetooth are switched on and the personal hotspot is switched off. To bring your Mac to the same network just open it, select Network over WiFi, and the iPhone will show you a message asking if you want to share your password.

Always keep receipts

You can scan all your receipts into notes, where they can be shared with your accounting application, accountant, or account department. Just open the notes, create a note called “Receipts” and in the future when you want to scan something on the archive, just open the note, tap the camera icon, and select the scanned documents.

How to call a conference

If your network supports it (not all), you can Keep the conference call With five people on your iPhone:

  • Call the first person and put them on hold.
  • Tap Call (plus button) and dial the second person.
  • Once they answered tap merge calls to match a single conversation.
  • You must repeat this process for each person you want to call.

You can add someone to call you in a conference in progress: when the call arrives, hold and tap and then tap Merge Calls.

What number should I call?

Your iPhone tracks incoming caller ID numbers. This is useful in the event someone puts a multiple number to call you and you want to call again on the same line. Open their contact list and you’ll see the number you use to make calls marked “Recent”.

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