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Jack Smith will find himself in a completely odd position as he ended an 8,658-day absence from the AFL tomorrow afternoon, compared to what he played with the opposition with his own teammates.

Smith will return to the story against Geola ong in Geola ong before the 2016-01-11 games in the 2016-191 from 2010-01-15.

Notably, he has played so many games for his Sun Four this week but he has only played those four, and yet he has played with all but four members of the opposition.

It’s an extraordinary sight for a player to kick the club’s first score in the AFL – who withdrew from a rock competition that was “just missed” – and will become the first Sons player to leave and return to the club.

Before returning home, his close friend and two-time teammate Gary Abelt said he would do the opposite to become part of the Gold Coast start-up from Jiola.

In addition, Smith will be the only member of the Gold Coast side to win at Cardinas Park this week, with a combined record of 21 other players at the Cats ‘home ground and 0-36 at the Cats’ home ground.

Only four Sun players who have played more games for the club than Smith are co-captains David Nigel (1163), Alex Sexton (111), Tout Miller (12,125) and Sean Lemans (101).

The numbers are distorted by the injured absence of Sam Day (139), Rory Thompson (103) and co-captain Jarrod Wits (2), as well as the non-selection of game record holder Jarrod Herbro (111), but this is exceptional. That a player can be away from the club for four years and then not play back in his first season still finds himself still on the game list.

Smith After Smith’s last game in September 2015 – 208686 days before tomorrow – the club added -1 players to a contemporary list that stood at left 77 when he left.

In his absence, less than 21 came and went – Callum Ahichi, Ryan Davis, Matt Rosa, Daniel Curie, Jared Grant, Mackenzie Willis, Jesse Joyce, Josh Snowfeld, Michael Barlow, Pierce Henley, Jared Lines, Brad Skier, Jack Scrimshaw, Max Spencer, Aaron Young, Braden Krasley, Jacob Heron, Jacob Dawson, George Harlin-Smith, Anthony Miles and Corey Ellis.

Day, Harbro, Lehmann, Miller, Sexton, Nigel and Thompson – Smith still has only seven players in his final year at the Sun.

And 10 former Suns of the same period are now playing in opposition clubs – Charlie Dixon and Trent McKenzie (Port), Tom Lynch and Dion Prestia (Richmond), Steven May (Melbourne), Jagger O’Miyara (Hawthorne), Jack Martin and Adam Saad. (Carlton), Peter Wright (Ascendant) and Aaron Hall (North). In addition, there are two other people who were previously Smith’s friends on the Gold Coast – Tom Hickey (Sydney) and Josh Caddy (Richmond).

Since his last game of football, Smith, now 1, has had two birthdays, moved inland and had a second child. And fought in the 2020 Covid campaign where his football inter-club was limited to scratch games as Wits led the Sons Rock Division singles to shorter games.

With the PCL set to begin the 2021 season due to injury, Smith has played three games for his chance against the Sun Reserve team tomorrow when coach Stuart Dale dropped wrong-in Rockman Caleb Graham and Chris Burgess. ACL injury that ends the season in the round.

Wearing jumper # 2 on the first stint in the sun and jumper # first in the jillo ong, he will wear # wear2 which was worn by Brandon Matera during the first stunt at the club and then briefly by Krasley. Former Adelaide Wingman Rory Atkins, who made his Gold Coast debut last week, was ranked # 2 by Grant and Miles in the interim.

Looking forward to the first game of his ‘new’ career, the 206cm will have two dangerous ‘first time’ memories in his mind. In the first game for the Gold Coast against Jiola, he lost 1 by 0, and in the first game against Jiola Gold, he lost by 120 points.

Again, it will be a big test for the Sun, with the Gilgit side coming out of the explosion at the hands of the Brisbane Lions in Q-Clash trying to respond to harsh media criticism when they got lucky after being lucky. Last week a terribly wrong StKilda.

Also, the Suns will play on the field where they have never won against 38 of the 43 games they have won since mid-2015 against the home side, and the last 6 A97s lost the round obl on the West Coast.

Ramilo Smith, his wife Amy, daughter Eden, who will be three years old in August, and son Oscar (seven months), as well as his parents will be on their way back to Geolong as the 12–4 career record in “Katari”. .

His return to football is a new chapter that has been an amazing ad for the AFL Queensland rookie search program.

Born in Bilola, he moved to Rokhampton at the age of 10. He often played football. He did not represent Queensland as a goalkeeper, but as a player on the field, as might be expected.

He played Australian football for one Australian year until a group of friends from North Rockhampton High invited him to join the school team at the October 200 school.

But then after being part of a rookie search program, he joined the Glenmore Bulls U117 side, finishing runner-up in the B&F in his first season before Jilmere joined the AFLQ in the 200 first.

He was only halfway through his first season with the Eagles when he was offered a foundation contract with the Suns in which he would be left out of the 2008 draft and would play in the 200 TAC Cup and 2010 VFL with the Suns. AFL in 2011.

It wasn’t an option that wasn’t an option. He received letters of interest from Collingwood, Hawthorne, Jilongg, North Melbourne and Port Adelaide, and visited then-Richmond recruiting boss Craig Cameron, who coincidentally is now the Sun inventory manager.

But with his last small football he chose the path of development with the Sun and was the club’s fourth signing.

In his first season Round In – his sixth match – he was a key figure as the Sun disrupted the Lions in the first Q-Clash. He had 22 disposals and 1 hit out for which Brisbane rock duo Matthew Lewenberger and Mitch Clarke excelled and were awarded the Rising Star nomination.

At the end of the season, he received 21 votes, third only to Dyson Hepel (44) of Ascendant and Luke Shuay (37) of the West Coast. Hepel is now the bomber’s captain, and Shue Eagle is the captain.

In fourth place was Gold Coast captain Nigel (118), followed by West Coast’s Jack Darley (), Sydney’s Sam Reid (), West Coast’s Andrew Goff (1), Sons’ Mackenzie (1) and Jillo Ong’s Daniel Menzel. 1) and Jack Stevens of Stockilda (1).

He played 20 games in his inaugural season, finishingth At Sun B&F, and 1 season games in his second season. But he was injured in 201 injury-1-14-1-15, playing -10-10-11 games, and he jumped at the chance if Giola by offered a fresh start.

In his first two years in blue and white hoops, he played 44 games, including five finals and two preliminary finals, and finished And 8th In B&F. But after the injury he was banned for three games in each of 2018 and 201 and he was again traded on the Gold Coast.

Although he has not yet returned to the club, he has become a popular and important leader among young people.

Peter Blucher is a sports consultant.

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