Willy Rioli West Coast Eagle Living Medicine Fees, Despite Doping Ban

AFL club West Coast have confirmed that it will not move Willie Rioli forward.

Earlier this month, 201 pre-Premiership players A conviction for cannabis capture survived.

He was indicted in April after a sniffer dog found 225 grams of cannabis in his pants at Darwin Airport.

Rioli is based in the northern region His suspension for tampering with a professional sample for two years In August 201.

The 25-year-old is serving the final months of that ban.

Rioli has returned to Perth, but West Coast headquarters Unilever is unable to attend on June 20.

In a statement, Eagle said the decision to support Rioli came after consultations with various stakeholders.

“After consulting with both the internal and external parties needed to assist in a successful return to football, the club’s board is determined to continue to support Willie,” the statement said.

“He is unable to return to the club until June 20 and the club is still working on some details around his return.”


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