Twisted Minds Podcast: Inside the heads of Australia’s worst criminals

Twisted Minds takes listeners into the world of forensic psychology and the black inspiration of Australia’s most heinous crimes.

You will meet forensic psychologist Dr. Susan Pullman. The last betrayal he committed was the murder of a child killer, Daniel Kelsel. Prison interviewers and IT-worker David Reid will discuss the tragic incident that woke up one morning to kill his parents … without warning.

Media_cameraForensic psychologist Dr. Susan Pullman will discuss the murder as a final betrayal, and in an interview from prison she spoke with the child as well as the killer, Daniel Kessel. Photo: Sam Ruttin

In Episode 2, Professor James Ogloff raises the bar in conversation with two of Australia’s most notorious killers. Jill Meghar and Eurydice Dixon, serial killers of sex offenders – innocent victims were beaten, raped and robbed as they walked home.

Episode three takes a deep dive into the murder of Alison Baden-Clay. Forensic criminologist Dr. How Claire Ferguson appeared in Seed’s Real Estate Gerard’s foreshadowing, though he planned a cover-up of his assassination.

In episode In, we discuss whether there was any method or madness behind Jessica Camilleri’s murder of her mother’s killer. Approximate forensic psychiatrist Dr. Richard Furst discusses the tragedy of crime and why – surprisingly – there was no red flag.

Professor James Ogloff recounted his conversations with two of Australia's most notorious killers.  Photo: Alex Koppel.
Media_cameraProfessor James Ogloff recounted his conversations with two of Australia’s most notorious killers. Photo: Alex Koppel.

Dr. Karen Owen takes the mic to shed light on the sick perversions of sex offenders in the episode Sex. She lives with thousands, including the infamous child-killer Derek Percy.

Of course, there are more crimes than the bodies in the barrels of snow.

In episode In, forensic psychologist Dr. Jack White shares a unique perspective on torture after treating a criminal for a year.

Episode seven seeks to hide the audience as Dr. David Mutton discusses how he kept the Secret Police straight and narrow in his role as chief psychologist for the NSW police.

And finally, the series captures a glimpse into how the creams have been caught as criminal behavior.

Episode 1 of Twisted Mind begins on Monday, May 311.

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