Tex Walker has a cracking AFL season – this is how Adelaide helps rebuild

With only a minute left at the Adelaide Oval, you can cut the tension with a knife.

On one side is Melbourne, unbeaten in their first nine games. The Adelaide Cows, on the other hand, were supported by the parochial house crowd and were spoiled for another distraction.

The monsters still lead, but the crows are growing. In the last quarter, 1-point margin has been shifted to time-on and reduced by only five points.

Crow captain Rory Sloane hacked a hasty, floating kick in the front line to his side. It is captured by her fellow veteran and good couple Taylor Walker.

The big 1-year-old grabbed the yellow sherin – and the game – in her big hand.

He does not fight.


This is Walker’s third goal in nine games this season.

After the match, Walker stood in line for the goal and gave an insight into what was going on in his mind.

When Adelaide begins its rebuilding, the person leading the charge was written by many fans a year ago. The man, known as “Tex,” is a former captain of the Cross of Off-Malind, in the middle of his career year.

Broken Hill boy

Broken Hill is a unique place. It is a historic mining center that is soon to be developed into a green energy center.

This Adelaide-era operation is being ruled by politicians in Sydney. And it’s a city that likes eighty rules in a state dedicated to rugby league.

Silver City’s foot teams know each other well: there are only four. This has been the case for more than a century.

The cracks are hard, like miners who fill teams. And over the years, the local league has discovered some gems.

Dean Solomon, the city’s former AFL game record holder, was starred for North Broken Hill before starting his professional career as a professional.

Walker is a product of the same club, Bulldog.

He is Son of local storyteller Wayne “Wacky” Walker, Who won the league’s Best and Outstanding Award in three different decades. Tex scored 43 goals in nine games as a 1-year-old, leading the North to the flag before going into the big smoke.

New South Wales Pipeline

Walker joined the Adelaide Cow through a short-lived New South Wales Academy program designed to nurture talent coming to the country’s most populous state. If he was starting his AFL career now, He will be bound in rhinos.

Walker was one of the many bookmakers who made this plan. He was a cow fan all his life, and looked fit. But despite his undeniable talent, he still had some question marks as a junior. Some thought he was going to be a full-time key position long ago, and not mobile enough to be a midfielder.

These concerns were non-established.


Walker turned his limitations into strength. Anyway not incredibly fast in a straight line, Walker is able to dart and chuck to resist, creating space in the shoe box.


At the same time, Walker has good core strength and can defeat all opponents.

Developed Texans

Even when the old school appears, Walker’s football is definitely a new school. Like Nikola Zicic in the NBA, he is a big-bodied player who is adept at creating his own for his teammates.


The strong armor of the old spears is rounded, the sharpness of the modern defense makes the bags even tougher. The best forwards are customized by adding new strings to their bows. Walker, kicking his textbook, can play his teammates in a good place by threatening to score from anywhere.

The lines in front of the crowns of 2016 and 201 were the high water mark of the modern invaders. They were led by two distant options, Walker and Tom Lynch, who were as flamboyant as the finisher. He was hailed by fellow Touch Mitch McGovern and Josh Jenkins, and a pair of Eddie Bates and Charlie Cameron’s Elite Little Forward.

But over time, that is likely to change. 6-6- The introduction of the starting position rule throws the crow’s attacking edge. Now only two of the six advances on both sides of the ste0 are left. Walker patrolled the attacker’s 500 and approached the goal.

He is taking far fewer points in Sid than in his prime. They have been replaced by a heavy diet of competing grubs and tackles within ack0. Walker is more attacking than ever before, a fact that is 10 percent higher than the league average of 288 percent.

For the Adelaide Loyalists, there is hope for a new team ahead: Riley Thilthorpe, Darcy Fogarty and Elliott Himmelberg, as well as Shane McAdam, James Rowe and Ned McHarry. From now on, a big part of Walker’s role will be to shepherd that young crop.

Those who were busy writing outside Walker last year were treated to a healthy piece of humble pie. Still, it’s easy to see Walker’s football career probably end in Crow’s red, blue and gold, but his teammates are in the blue and white of North Broken Hill.

In the meantime, Cow fans are hoping that Walker will have some more big games on their growing legs.



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