Super Blood Moon red glow Canberra Times in Canberra captured in photos

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The cold but clear night was provided Wednesday night for the perfect situation to see the Blood Moon above Conbera. Crowds gathered on the lawn of the parliament building, while others left the city to avoid light pollution for maximum view of the rare lunar event. Super Blood Moon, when the total lunar eclipse coincides with the “super” moon, means a brighter and larger glow than usual. Around 8.30am the red glow spread to half of the moon, and the total eclipse came after 9.10am. Along with professional photographer Eri Rex, many amateur snappers took the opportunity to test their night skills. Brad Tucker, an astronomer at the Australian National University, said the Earth’s shadow showed a wonderful orange-red glow that looked like a slight sunrise or sunset, a phenomenon that has been declining every year or so. “It’s often not the case to get such a combination … so it’s definitely a special scene,” Dr. Tucker told AAP. While this can be seen from some parts of America, Drs. Tucker said the Australians had the opportunity to have a better and more comfortable time. The rare bit of this moon is that it happened in the evening morning and there was no time in the middle of the night, he said. “You don’t need special equipment … you just need eyes, because you can see the beauty and colors and details of the moon.” Early clouds on the east coast cleared in time for a better view.


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