Sam Wick sold the trainers with a bedside display

Sydney swan small front Sam Wicks put in an amazing performance Sydney’s 45-point win in the MCG against the ruling premiers on Saturday afternoon in a landslide victory, to get a full 10 votes on the proposal.

While 10-game-experienced Brownlow nights featured stickers by Callum Mills, Tom Hickey, and Tom Papple, Vic’s 3-goal run and 21-disposal are the best of his career.

After a lean figure in the first two rounds, he focused on his defensive pressure action and tagging half the backs in the loss, his ability to find space and kick goals had yet to shine.

That all changed in Melbourne in April 300-degree when Sam Wick held a masterclass.

He finished with a game-high 1 marks, score score engagement, 2 goal assists, 22 pressure acts, and t tackles.

Fellow small forward Tom Pupley put on a ground-round boot which is a good performance on the field and broke with the famous Richmond defense along with Vic.

Paple’s pressure at the top of the field was crucial to forcing many defensive trades, and his movement created a Richmond defensive unit on the beach and regularly broke down defender Liam Baker.

Defender Jordan Dawson had a day to remember in the half-back for the first half and was well on the field for that point.

The ability to enter the Richmond lines with his bounced kick, and to strike powerful targets in the middle of the field, separates the field defense, time and time again.

Recruitment legend Tom Hickey has been the center of special attraction for Swann this year and has already been featured regularly in the AFLCA polls, and our Player of the Year vote.

Hickey entered another rock masterclass and was impressive in the first quarter, second in the second quarter and impressive in the second quarter when he delivered the ball directly from the competition in his midfield brigade.

Former Swann Toby Nankarvis took advantage of the number one hitout in the game, but Hickey did well in the competition, scoring two more hits, two goals and 20% more hits. Rate

Rising star midfielder Chad Warner has performed for the third time in a row, moving from beach to shore, and Ross Leon has announced the midfielder as a product of the Sydney Swan Academy.

His 2-goal, 20-disposal game featured two more highlight goals, the first a snap from the meter to the shoulder, and the second a burst run from Share Square, breaking Jack Graham’s tackle.

10 Sam Wicks (SYD)
Tom Tom Popley (SYD)
Jordan Jordan Dawson (SYD)
Tom Tom Hickey (SYD)
2 Oliver Florent (SYD)
2 Chad Warner (SYD)
1 column mills (SYD)

11 column mills
11 Tom Hickey
10 Sam Vik
Errol Gulden
Jordan Jordan Dawson
Tom Tom Popley
Bra Braden Campbell

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