Russia develops new single-engine fighter aircraft

Russian aircraft maker Sukhoi is developing the next generation of single-engine fighter, an industry source told the Tass news agency.

According to Tass, the Russian state aerospace company Sukhoi is now developing a new light strategic fighter aircraft.

“Sukhoi Company is developing a single engine light strategic plane with a single ton take off weight. The maximum speed of the aircraft will be above 2 mph. It will also feature super-maneuverability and improved takeoff and landing performance, thanks to the Thrust Vector Control Engine. The aircraft’s thrust-to-weight ratio will be above 1, “the news agency quoted an industry source as saying.

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In general, single-engine aircraft are better in terms of cost and (less) maintenance requirements, and Russia plans to develop new light fighter jets for the aging of Soviet-era MiG-2 fighters and SU-2 close support aircraft. .

Sergei Chemezov, CEO of Rostech, told reporters in December 2020 that the company was working on the concept of advanced single-engine light-and middle-class pilots and unmanned fighter jets.

“The future combat aviation system is working to develop its light and middle class. Under design, it can be a global platform in managed and unmanned versions. The company is working on the concept and operational requirements for such a platform. We are doing this on our own so far. [federal] Budget fund, ”said Rostech chief.


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