Necessary unnecessary public movement in the evening

KARACHI: A provincial task force on coronavirus, led by Indus Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, recently observed the COVID situation in the country. Due to its seriousness, unnecessary movement of people is prohibited, on foot or in vehicles, except for valid reasons.

During the last week (May 1 to 23, 2021) the meeting reported that Coronavis had a serious impact in the East District, where 21 percent of the incidents were reported. 1 from the area. One person has also been reported dead. The district south reported 116 percent deaths and deaths, while the district center reported 12 deaths out of 10 percent. In Hyderabad, 22 per cent deaths and 11 per cent incidents have been reported.

According to the annual report, 12 in Karachi. Per7 percent detection rate is, Hyderabad 10. the. Percent and the rest of the province is 4.5.33 percent. In May, 2,261 coronavirus patients lost their lives so far, more than in March and April, when we had 111 and 115 deaths, respectively.

During the last 2 hours, Sindh has 1,52 patients, Punjab 202, KPK 0 470, Islamabad 106, Gilgit-Baltistan 118, Balochistan 66 66 and AJK has patients. This shows that Sindh has the most cowardly issues in the country, the CM said.

The Chief Minister decided to take a policy decision that people will not be allowed to settle in the city after 8 pm without any valid reason. He ordered the administration and police not to allow people to walk in the city without a solid reason.

Shah urged the people of the province to stay at home for their own benefit and the benefit of others. The chief minister said the shop would be closed at 6 pm and people would be allowed to return to their homes for two hours. After the evening, police will set up roadblocks to discourage unnecessary public movement. Shah instructed the district administration to turn off the lights at Jaggi Park at 8 p.m.

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